Emerge into the Light

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.~Helen Keller

During our darkest hours we hold onto that which cannot yet be seen. That which seems bleak shall be made congenial. There is no magic formula there is merely faith. It is through our faith that miracles often present.

Stepping into the Canvas in faith. No matter the Canvas of the day, we shall see it as miraculous as it was created. For our dreams shall be made true and our realities anew.

emerge into the light

Step Now

Step now for the time has come to put dreams into motion.~Ani Po

Time to put dreams into action, seeing a new reality unfold. Remain frozen and our dreams remain dormant until given proper attention and action. See it through, believe it so…and it shall be so.

Stepping into the Canvas with motion of the ocean. As the Canvas of Life ebbs and flows with the crashing waves, we learn the frequency and height of each. In the observation of things our outcomes take a new direction, aligning with thoughts and beliefs…it is so…

step now

Great Things

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.~Anatole Frances

We start with a dream…step one. We take note as to whether it resonates with us or not…step two. We act upon that which resonates with our being…step three. We believe…step four and most important.

Stepping into the Canvas in belief. As we begin each day with a dream we act upon a new reality. From dream to reality it is made so. Not by magic alone but belief and acting upon our dreams as such…

Great things



For a dream to come true there has to be a dream to start.~Ani Po

Without a dream our canvas remains empty. No paints, no thoughts splattered upon our days. Days and nights bleed drab without color. Stillness is wariness, emptiness without ambition.

Stepping into the Canvas with a Dream. While there is nothing to be said or completed, without a dream of some sort the Canvas of Life remains blank with no room for interpretation.

ravens and wolf

Walk Alone

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In a world of conformity there are those who dare to see beyond the veil of illusion. When others see poverty and despair, they see abundance and opportunity. When others give up or turn away, they stand with vigor and charge forward. While the others take note they either inquire as to how they can attain this beauty or they continue a belief of unworthy.

To see beauty in our days is a gift that others have chosen not to receive, whilst yearning for something higher than their current reality. A void or emptiness remains without an answer as to why. While focusing attention on despair, they remain in misery. Given an opportunity, they can accept and charge forward.

Stepping into the Canvas in Love and Gratitude. For in this day we are given breath, a golden opportunity to see beauty within the Canvas of Life. It is on this day we are given thought, one to change the future to our desires. Further, it is on this day we are given unlimited abundance…awaiting our request…

walk alone


Where There’s Joy

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.~Joseph Campbell

If the Canvas of Life has become to burdensome, then turn attention to that which beings joy. Whether it be a favorite thing to do or a favorite memory, choose to follow happiness until happiness is all we know. It is possible to transcend the burdens of life and allow Joy to be our daily reality. No matter what happens in the world…ours shall remain joyful.

Stepping into the Canvas in joy. Traveling to that secret place within, we find our joy. With this joy, we are no longer bothered by our days. The world around us could collapse but we still have our joy. Thanks to my dear friend Christopher for this reminder…

where there's joy1