A Place of No Words

There is a place in all of us, a place without words. No thoughts, judgments or emotions…we just are. Observing ‘all there is’ we are a part of it all. Let us start the day in a space of knowing, giving and receiving simultaneously, in gratitude.

I have always known this concept of being in oneness, but still get reminders of how easy it is for the days to knock us out of our special place. We never really leave this place, but we forget about it. A simple nudge, reminder or awe-inspired moment, returns us to this place.

Recently I found myself in a circle of friends whom I have never met. We all came to the circle with personal baggage, but at the end of the night held hope that our burdens have lightened. Resisting to help another in this circle, allowing the others to process their own realities. In allowing, we are giving an ability for others to receive on a deeper level. Their own personal strength, joy and happiness become authentic and free. Self actualized we go about our days with a greater confidence, receiving a greater perspective.

In this circle I saw much pain, many reasons about why we should fall into a place of ‘the masses.’ We are not bound by this conditioning, we are free to choose to do this or that.

As our own healing begins emotions are shed, heat rises against us…purifying our souls. In a place of wetless waters, sweating without actually perspiring, speaking without actually speaking a word, listening without telling another to do, we are healed.

Speaking to a friend, a new friend whom I had not yet met before, referring to me as the philosopher, he said “you are very philosophical.” What does that mean I thought for a moment, but then explained to him we are all philosophers, we are the philosophers stone.

In our own healing, taking back our truths, we come to a place of knowing. Instilling our beliefs not through words but through our daily actions. We see things differently then the rest, we see them as the same. Seeing as one we infuse our beliefs into the greater whole of humanity, allowing others to heal around us.

Inside the ‘philosophers stone’ lay laughter and awe. It resides in all of us, waiting for our reception of its call. We all have it, we all have the ability of this authenticity of being who we came here to be. No matter what happens around us, we hold onto to this special place. A place without authority…a place of no words.

I am grateful for the friendly reminders of the day, circles I have sat in and those which are coming. For in these special spaces we are healed. As we heal others around us heal, reaching our families, communities…the world.

Stepping into the Canvas with new vision. Like projectors in our eyes, we blink a new reality into existence. Through strength and Love, Love and strength, we go confidently into the world ‘wholly.’ No words spoken, nothing more to see…we merely experience with new sight of what possibilities await our step.



Eightfold Path


With each new day we have a choice to live as authentically as we can, ignoring the beliefs of old or accept the conditioned consciousness, remaining forever lost. Stepping into the new, creating the life we were meant to…accepting beliefs of a new era.

The first step towards happiness often proves most difficult, for we cannot let go of our old beliefs. Let go now…witness the shift towards happiness. Once the first step is taken the taste of freedom shall be your, never returning to what once was. The next step towards happiness is easier, the next even easier…and so on.

With a new outlook on life, everything will taste sweeter, smell better and we will feel freer than ever before. Listen to the voice within, for it is saying, “Now is the Time.” Take the step towards happiness with one day declaring “Ani Po.”

(*Ani Po is Hebrew for “I Am Here”)

Stepping into the Canvas is about taking the first steps into the Canvas of Life.  It is said that God is the Creator and nature is His Canvas.  In a world of technologies, distractions and light-speed evolution, we are left to remain in darkness or ‘Shine On’ forevermore.  Truth is laid before us, falsely, by our collective whole. It is a new day and those beliefs no longer serve us…

This is an invitation to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary: Free to Love unconditionally; creating the life we were meant to enjoy; coming together as one. With every step towards our ending goal of happiness, we find ourselves having more sensational moments that can only be explained through synchronicity…or Syncrosensational.

The willingness to change will be the first step and is the driving force behind our journey. Our intent is what sets things in motion, with checks and balances along the way, we stay on course. Depending on our thoughts and actions, will determine if we meet our end goal or miss our mark. Giving a little wiggle room to make mistakes, making necessary adjustments, we find our way back to the intentions set forth. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes…learn from them…aligning our actions as closely to our intended goal, will assure our success in attaining this goal.

When our dreams and reality collide, it is said that we have found The Way to happiness. We may trip or stumble and, as stated before, that is ok.  We must accept ourselves for being imperfectly perfect in all our encounters.  In doing so, we inadvertently findacceptance for the imperfections within other people. Without acceptance the continuous judgment of self and others continues.

If we are too busy judging others, we have no time for creating our destiny. Fill our day with what we want in life…capture this moment! ~Joseph


If and when we do stumble, remain in gratitude.  With gratitude in our hearts, we view challenging moments as stepping-stones towards syncrosensational moments we so clearly desire. Every day is a good time for sharing gratitude with a loved one, a friend or Creator of all existence. Whether the day is picture perfect or everything but, learn to see the silver-lining in every cloud…guaranteed it exists!

With gratitude in our hearts, we master our emotions…checking them at the door before entering the canvas of life.  This awareness is the single most important guidance system that we will continue to call upon along our journey. Thich Nhat Hahn often refers to this as being in the present moment. We are here, in a given moment, experiencing this emotion or that emotion. These emotions arise, but do not have to control us. Instead use them to our advantage only, if this is not possible…kindly ask emotions to take a back seat.

With awareness comes a desire of remaining in balance. ~Ani Po

There comes a time in our journey things just don’t feel right,  almost as if we were off-balance. Finding balance becomes our number one priority. Through various techniques which can be found throughout our traditions or even modern-day self-help texts, we find techniques for cleansing mind, body and spirit…returning back to balance. Returning to balance, we find ease in checking our emotions at the door of the Canvas. Note: if we are not in harmony within ourselves, how can we support harmony within our families? get in balance so that you can better serve the loved ones around you.

Practicing these steps, for the first time or daily practice, chances are they have created positive habits within the Canvas of Life. With positive shifts, we find ourselves at a place of unconditional Love. While the majority of society will declare unconditional Love is not possible, challenge them and say yes it is. Following this path, and other paths for that matter, with our whole heart and soul, and intention of finding peace within, we shall find unconditional Love. While the majority follows the path of majority, dare to cut a new path into the Canvas of Life…see what happens!

We have just followed a modern-day Eightfold path.  Twenty-five hundred years ago, Siddhartha Gautama dared to challenge authorities, showing others how to attain enlightenment. Nothing has changed from then to now and is open for exploration at any time…are you willing to take the necessary steps towards enlightenment? Why not?

Traveling the eightfold path we will find ourselves at our ending goal…pure happiness.  Our every encounter will be more enjoyable and our days will just seem to be syncrosensational…all the time. We shall be in awe by the mighty Canvas calling our name. Go now…live a life that was intended…live a syncrosensational life.

the way to zen

Willingness and Intent

When I first identified the necessity for change it was like a large two by four smacked me in the head. I was working my knuckles to the bone, walking over people and making decisions that were definitely not of the creative source. Through awareness, I identified it was time for change. Upon my awareness I began taking personal retreats, reflecting and plotting my course. This next story is a personal ‘true story’ event, when God began speaking to me directly. Please click on the link…



Our actions and thoughts will dictate whether we stay on course or get derailed from our intended journey. The basic Law of Attraction states “our thoughts become things.” Be careful with the words we speak. If there is any doubt or contradictory words, the Law of Attraction will give us exactly what we speak.

i.e. if our original intent is to find increase our financial worth but our contradicting thoughts are we do not deserve this, then the Universe will give us exactly more to doubt our reality of having an increase in financial worth.

Also, our thoughts and actions need to be specific. We need to drill-down, like a laser guided missile hits its target, to the exact intentions we seek. If we are vague with goals, then the Universe may only give us partly what we want.

i.e. We ask for love in our lives, but are faced with challenging times or person bringing us much anger in our lives. If we are not specific, the Universe may present events to teach us Love. Be specific and spell our exactly what it is we want.


Through acceptance, we magnify the force behind our intentions. As we begin to accept all things and all people as they are, releasing the attached emotions, the Universe returns more to be accepting of.

Further, and most importantly, as we accept ourselves for the imperfectly perfect being that we are, we begin to live as authentically as we were intended. Through self-acceptance we freely love ourselves, emitting this love out into the world around us.


Whether perceived good or bad, any given situation is an opportunity to express our gratitude. Gratitude for the lesson, life and all there is. As we step out into the Canvas of Life, we are given a choice to either live in gratitude or forever live in misery. We have so much to be grateful for, why focus on anything but the gifts before us. Everything is a gift…everything!


No matter the size, big or small, guaranteed there are opportunities of growth in which present themselves on a daily basis. Everything has a message and signs may appear at the most obscure times. Be open to them, be open to the process of change.

My son and I were in a bookstore and he was unsure of what book he should get. He asked my opinion, but I told him to put them down for a minute and ask for guidance. The simple act of asking for guidance opens up more possibilities of Universe coming to our aid. As he walked back to the bookshelf, one of them fell to his feet. At that very moment…he knew the answer.


Whether it is simple purging of material things or a deeper sense of cleansing the soul, we all must learn to cleanse our thoughts, purifying the pathway set before us. Through a daily practice and the awareness of, we have the ability to cleanse our soul on a moment by moment basis or grandeur level.

Taking a retreat can be beneficial to the soul. Similarly a daily journal allows us to keep track of our actions and progress with our set intentions.

Clean House. Whether literal or metaphorically speaking, it is important to take the time to Clean House.~Joseph

Checking Emotions at the Door

Our emotions will trip us each and every time. Remove the emotion, applying awareness and making effortless decisions along the way. Simply be aware of our surroundings, our actions and how people interact in the Canvas of Life…it is meant to be effortless.


If we skipped the other seven steps and come to a place of Love, we will have enough in our lives to live harmoniously for all eternity. For those who find this immediately, congratulations! For those who only know what they know…it may be necessary to travel this path.

Releasing the past, looking to the future, we are left giving more of ourselves in the present moment. Giving freely, we receive more to give away. In gratitude it is amplified exponentially.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love.  In Love we intertwine our steps, potentially skipping the eightfold path. In Love all other things become details, details that have lessened meaning. In Love all things are important and carry equal value or lessons. Make the steps…but do so wholeheartedly. Step in Love and assuredly each step will be Syncrosensational.


Defining Syncrosensational


A day does not pass when we’re reminded of pain and suffering in the world. The dilemma? Do we dwell in it or do we create a new way of life? The choice is ours and ours alone. We mustn’t wait for a guru or someone else to figure it out for us, but walk the path alone. The guru or teacher may be a catalyst to what we already know, but it is our ambition to meaning that gets us to our destination.

When negativity is all around us, we must learn techniques of guarding ourselves from other persons negativity. Apply filters to our ears until all that remains is positivity that which filters into the brain. If their energy is too strong then politely excuse oneself until composure is regained. Some filters may include happy, positive thoughts or sending silent blessings to the perpetrator…Doing so instinctively draws upon a higher power.

Apply a guarded tongue…for our words shall amplify our actions or surroundings. Similarly, our words can give strength to a negative person…creating more negativity exponentially. With a guarded tongue we can assure only positivity into our lives, as our words become actions.

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Whatever you speak can bring life or death into your life. ~Proverbs18:21

Check  the  emotions  at  the  door. Just  as  in  one  of  the  steps  of  the  Eightfold  path (http://steppingintothecanvas.com/a-modern-warriors-eightfold-path /), life is much easier when we master our emotions. When we check our emotions at the door, we clear-headedly cipher through our dilemmas. When our emotions are in check, we have ability to master our actions.

If our thoughts become actions, then by thinking negative thoughts we shall end up acting out our negative thoughts. Basic Law of Attraction. Negative thoughts yield negative actions; positive thoughts nurture positive actions. Choose wisely. Focus not on the shortcomings, but the intent of our outcome. Wherever our intention flows our energy flows.

Living a syncrosensational life is about redefining oneself and the path we are on.  Does this path lead to destruction or does it lead to paradise? We all know the answers to these questions, but so few are willing to take necessary actions out of fear of being different. We are all different, but we are the same. Forget out about what others think and master thyself…release the fear now. We are the captain of our ship, the captain of our team. Be the Master of Synchronicity.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Master Painter, for we have painted our entire life: with paintings pleasing to the eye, while some not so much. Regardless of the flaws or flawlessness, we have mastered the strokes our entire life. It is time now to clean the slate, starting with fresh Canvas, Painting the Life we always dreamed. Have a Syncrosensational Day!


Creating a Syncrosensational Day

Recently, sitting with a circle of friends sharing intimate moments of life, we shared moments of magnificence. One person was so caught up in the moment as she described what made her feel magnificent, while stuttering between synchronicity and sensational. Stopping her and having her recite what she just said…What makes me feel Syncrosensational is this…

It is moments like this, we have an opportunity to share our deepest secrets while creating the life we want. In these moments…thoughts become things, our own reality is defined by syncrosensational moments. The group thought the word fitting for all, as we desire similarly dreams of happiness. May you all have syncrosensational moments throughout your days…

A long and contemplative look at the stars suggests to a thoughtful person the need of shining in his own place, a t her own magnitude, and with his or her own hue. ~Harold E. Kohn

Being open to new encounters and new ideas, we find ourselves experiencing more magical moments of magnificence. In these moments we define our reality. When sharing conversation with another, there is bound to be magic each and every time…if parties are open to it. Often times we need reminding of being open to new ideas, so here was our reminder…

We might do well to write out an affirmation and hang it over our desk or over the kitchen sink: I AM ALWAYS OPEN TO NEW IDEAS. ~Dan Custer

Being open to change, one is bound to have a magical moment each and every day. Being open to change is an invitation for being in awe.

Stepping into the Canvas Open to Change. Within openness we find closure; we find peace, love and tranquility. It is vast and within reach…we need only be open to new ideas. Be open and you are bound to have a Syncrosensational day!

brighrter future

5 Steps To A Syncrosensational Day

If we were to ask any one person what they desired most, it would be happiness. Happiness is the number one priority for every human being, sadly it often takes a back seat to our busy days. Well today is the day we make it a priority…today is the day we let go of everything but happiness.

Happiness is not anything that must be found, but merely accepted. Accepting happiness we set the stage for a syncronsensational day. We are meant to be happy, we are meant to be free.

The first step is often the most difficult, but most critical. It is the very step that puts the machine into motion. The first step is identifying what we want and how we go about obtaining happiness. Again, I say to you, it is not something we find, but accept.

This first step could be identifying a stressful situation at work, an uncomfortable position working with a negative person, or it could be letting go of any self-defeating thoughts. The first step is identifying the end result.

Next we must commit to making necessary changes in our lives, allowing action to take over. By applying our dreams to our reality, they become our new reality. Making a commitment requires changing your mind on a set belief system and applying a new set of beliefs. Are there thoughts ”I’m not pretty enough” or ”I am not good enough?” What ever the identifier is in ones life…see it, label it and change it to a new belief…that of something more positive. We are good enough, we are beautiful enough and we shall no longer ask ”why me?” Instead, it shall be…Why not me?

Committing to happiness, we set into motion the necessary steps.  Posting notes or little reminders around the house, they remind us of our goals. We may paint or draw a vision board or write a daily journal or log about our intended goals for that day…which ultimately leads to the final goal of eternal happiness.

By writing it in a journal, a log or creating a vision board, we are committing our goals and etching them into stone. The more we place these little reminders in plain sight, the better the chance of becoming a reality. Seeing happiness and feeling it with every cell in our body, we change our thoughts into a new reality. Our thoughts become things by literally altering every neurofiber within our brain. In doing so, we are etching our new reality into stone.

1. Identify the area of need

2. Commit to making a change.

3. Take the necessary Steps.

4. Write it in stone.

5. Witness…and so shall it be.

Ultimately, to find happiness, we must merely accept it, but whatever we desire in our lives we believe it shall be so. In doing so, we are feeling it with our whole being, and we are witnessing our own miracles take form. In witnessing…we shall know it to be true.

Stepping into the Canvas taking necessary steps. In doing so, we commit to a new belief system…one of truth. We see it, we feel it…we know it to be true. Believing in our own happiness, we set in motion the necessary steps towards our end goal. Take the necessary steps, commit to change and write them in stone…Defining Syncrosensational.


Setting the Stage

There is a difference between lending a hand and truly lending a hand. We can offer a hand to someone, giving help with a task or helping them get through certain situation. Whatever the case maybe, we can truly help them. However there are times when in our helping, we can actually create problems.

By helping them figure out a task, or we give them an answer, we inadvertently take away their ability to find it themselves. Turning off that hard in us that allows us to transform or to go beyond our physical self or the self that we thought we might be.

I learned a valuable lesson over the weekend. It’s a lesson of observing and allowing. For me to truly help another it is important to give them necessary tools…setting the stage, and allowing them to dance to their own beat. Not interfering, not cutting in, not correcting their steps, but allowing them to just dance.

This is the gift. A true gift of giving to another by allowing them to give back to the universe. Is it in this giving that we are receiving a gift, a gift of observation, allowance, gratitude not of…but of a collective whole.

Stepping into the Canvas with greatest of intentions. Our greatest intentions may be of helping another but discerning when to actually engage may be the difference for full understanding or even their full recovery from a situation.

greatest of intnetions

Igniting the Flame


When I was younger, I never really thought about what I was going to be doing with myself later in life. Having an idea that one day I would help people, but never really understanding what that meant. During my awakening, I realized that we are all in the service industry whether we truly understand it or not. We all have the ability to serve.

It is through this understanding that a flame ignites within our soul, aspiring to serve each and every person we meet. Through random or specific encounters, we have a choice: make or break another person’s day. Our words have so much power, with abilities we may not fully understand.

Either raise someone up or kick them to the curb, it is merely a choice. Whichever path we choose there are consequences to be had.~Joseph

On an individual level, we have the same innate ability to make or break our own days…with merely our thoughts. If we have thoughts of despair or invincibility, either way it will define our reality. Change our thoughts to that of good and nothing…I mean nothing…shall get in our way.

How do we do this? How do we come to know this place of invincibility? For me, it was finding God. Not just a person whom to pray to, but a personal friend and confidant who will always be there for me. Whether up or down, afraid or fearless, assuredly God is always there.

A mirror of the almighty

Earlier today I had a wonderful experience with two wonderful Dish Network installers. They not only called, asking permission to come earlier than our scheduled appointment, but they shared wonderful Words. The conversation which had the most meaning was that of the Mayweather fight, which took place last week. One of the gentlemen pointed out how Mayweather was not only a champion in the ring, but in life. As the awarding of his title, Mayweather gave thanks to God. As many athletes do, he looked to the heavens, pointing and giving praise.

While this is noble, it was not the notable conversation that stuck with me throughout the day. When we discussed Mayweathers praise to God on a successful win, we asked “do we ever see the loser of a bout or any sporting event, for that matter, give the same praise in which we see during the victories? Wow! was all we thought about, as we both came to a realization that as an individual who chooses to praise God, it is in our victories that gives meaning, but it is the faithful servant who gives praise during a win or defeat.

Just as in life, we often remember to give praise for our blessings…but do we remember to give praise when we are down? Still thinking about this, as I give thanks for the encounter of my days, I realize that even I do not give enough credit to the Creator of this great Canvas of Life. Whether it is an encounter with a cable installer, a street person, or a professional of some sort, we have the ability to Praise God at every given encounter. As we greet another human being, we have the choice to greet them as an individual or come to know them as God sees us…one of His family.

Through the eyes of flesh, we see individual as labels; through the eyes of Spirit, we see them as He sees us…a shining star.~Ani Po

In this moment of exchange, we ignite a fire within… fire that not only lights an eternal flame, but feeds the soul for all eternity…giving us everything we need in life. In this moment of exchange we see others as ourselves, even greater than the self, we see them as God sees us…a spark of the divine. With every encounter, a gift is given, whether direct or indirect the exchange is made…changing our lives forever.

Stepping into the Canvas Igniting the Flame, we not only see the good and the perceived bad, but we see All as Good. Seeing All as Good, we return to the innocence of a child, seeing everything as a miracle, amazed at the many blessings continuing to multiply within our days. With every step a miracle is born, with every step our words become His, with every step…we see All as Good.


Finding Peace Within the Chaos


With another week behind us and the weekend ahead, we settle into reflection on how we got here. Whether in bliss or in chaos, we made it…and we are here to enjoy! If chaos got us through the week, it is time to relax and learn from the experiences of our days. If bliss was there all along, then rejoice and enjoy the magic…let it carry us into the weekend.

Taking Me Time

Healthy ‘Me’ time leads to Happy ‘We’ time.  How often do we witness someone who continuously gives and then complains of being tired? Why do they not take a day to themselves? We often get so deep in what we Love, we forget to take the necessary “Me Time.” Take a break for you today and enjoy the Very Best Me Time!

Well today is my day for ’Me Time.’ Taking time to reflect on my days, clearing my head of the 10,000 things, I return to balance. When I reached out to a friend, she simply stated “Feed them Bananas!” This was exactly what I needed to hear. Taking her advice…I reached for the bananas and they were pleased.

Stepping into the Canvas in Silence, contemplating my nothingness…In nothing lay everything. Be aware of the signs leading to silence, heed their call and take the necessary me time. Have a good weekend…Love, Light and Life

painted just for you

Mirroring That Which You Already Know

Often times messages come to us in many shapes and sizes, but the most exhilarating are the direct messages that enter into our quiet place. Whether angels exist or not, spirit guides among us, or the Lord speaks directly into our ear, we cannot excuse the direct messages that we receive.

A little reflection will show us that every belief, even the simplest and most fundamental, goes beyond experience when regarded as a guide to our actions. ~William Kingdon Clifford

When we are down, a friend may appear or a mailing of good news may arrive miraculously at our doorstep. As long as we ask for assistance…help will always arrive when it is needed most. The trouble is we cannot always understand the messages when they arrive. Many of the ancient teachings have spoken of the next steps…we must enter our quiet room and contemplate our current status. Sitting quietly, for however long necessary, the answers arrive.

The quiet room is not a physical place, but a spiritual place that resides in each and every one of us. It is a place where all the answers are kept. There are teachings referring to this place as the Akashic Records. The Akashic Place is at the level where all souls and all records are kept. If one practices quietude, they can gain easy access to their answers…the answers of the Universe.

As we look out into another day, choosing to stay in misery or look beyond personal misery, focusing on what we already know…we are meant to be happy and free. How does one get there? Look beyond the shortcomings and expect greater things to come our way. If one is currently lying in the shadows of darkness, allowing it to pass,  Light will surely shine once again. Don’t give up, don’t just sit there…get up, take a step and trust that all will be good once again.

Even within our hectic schedules, it is attainable to find peace within the chaos.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas as if you already know.  Realizing that we know very little, we begin to see everything we need to know. In our quietude, we hear the mighty roar within. In our darkness, we receive Light. With each step, easy or not, see the lessons before us…see the beauty that flows through the Canvas of Life.

Beyond The Veil

Removing the masks of who we thought we should be, getting to our authentic selves, we find whom we truly are. Often times we put on a pretend persona to appease another person. It is time to remove the veil that covers our true identity, allowing our playful side to return once more.

We can spend our whole life appeasing others, but never find happiness. Or, appease ourselves and live happily ever after.  A word of caution…when one steps out of the ordinary, they borderline extraordinary…what are you waiting for? Do it now! Often the others see the extraordinary as crazy…ignore them and be totally one hundred percent authentic…you!

Pretending to be someone you are not…only leads to pain and misery…Just be you!

Stepping into the Canvas as an original.  There is no other like you and there are no numbered copies of you. No matter the interpretation, no matter the gallery you find yourself in, be your authentic self. No one else can do it quite like you…you are a masterpiece!


Sing a New Song

This a.m., while listening to some deep-rooted words, I was taken back to childhood while listening and singing a favorite song:

Sings a New Song by Dan Schutte

Sing a new song unto the Lord; let your song be sung from mountains high. Sing a new song unto the Lord, singing alleluia.

Yahweh’s people dance for joy. O come before the Lord. And play for him on glad tambourines, and let your trumpet sound.

Sing a new song unto the Lord; let your song be sung from mountains high. Sing a new song unto the Lord, singing alleluia.

Rise, O children, from your sleep; your Savior now has come. He has turned your sorrow to joy, and filled your soul with song.

Sing a new song unto the Lord; let your song be sung from mountains high. Sing a new song unto the Lord, singing alleluia.

Glad my soul for I have seen the glory of the Lord. The trumpet sounds; the dead shall be raised. I know my Savior lives.

Sing a new song unto the Lord; let your song be sung from mountains high. Sing a new song unto the Lord, singing alleluia.

I had almost forgotten this tune until a good friend began speaking about change. Change not for the world but for self. It is through the self that we can change the world around us. He spoke of Saul, before he became Paul, and how he used to see things. Then one day on the road to Damascus, a bright light filled his being and he was given new sight. As he stepped into the light, he forever became known as Paul…a follower of Jesus.

I then began relating this story to a time I escorted a friend up to the Upper Peninsula. A magical place where mystery and awe collide. We arrived up North without an agenda and no idea why we had come. We did know that something was about to happen…but uncertainty was present.

During a talking circle, around a sacred fire, we all began unloading our burdens. Just like this mornings sermon as to bringing our sins to a mighty table where we are forgiven. We poured our sins into the fire and were given a new beginning, a birthing if you will. It was then I received a tap on the shoulder, “You ready?” Ready for what?!

We excused ourselves to another sacred place, to that of a long house, with a smaller structure inside. This inner structure, like that of an inner room, was only reachable upon our hands and knees. We must crawl into a womb of mother earth.

Once in the womb, the door is closed and a fire lit. Ancient grandfathers were invited in and medicine shared by all. As the medicine from the grandfathers emitted into the inner room, thunder began to sound. My eyes, which could see clearly before, burned from my sockets.

With eyes closed and no sight, I listen to songs of creation, words of thanksgiving, prayers of peace and love, and finally a charge to go forth into the world anew. Others had visions of what they had seen, but for me I was to unsee that which was once seen.

Exiting the womb, we were given a new start on life. All retired for the evening, but I was to remain…for reasons I was not aware of. It was 2 a.m. and the stars filled the skies. I could see Pleiades or Seven Sisters and could here a faint invite to come sit in the woods. So I walked into the woods and began to notice my eyesight became that of daytime. In the middle of the night I am able to see as if it were daytime! I ask how this is possible and hear voices who reassure me “That which you have seen before, is no longer. From this day forward you will be given new sight, with ability to see that which most cannot. The night shall become day, the unknown shall be made known unto thee. Your given name shall be that of the Owl…seer of the unseen.”

.So, as I sit there listening to a friend speak, I am transported back into time, reminded of what is to come in the future. In essence Be Here Now takes on a whole new meaning. With greater understanding of here and now, seeing past and future collide into present…I am given sight as to what might be or not be. For with each new step forward I am given a choice to step with care or push my way through.

Transported through a vessel of story, from old to new, I am given a glimpse into my own past and given sight of what is to come. Although I am still present in this moment, there is hope as to what may be. I am given a song to sing for all to hear, healing self and allowing others to be healed as well.

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.~Lou Holtz

Whatever our passions, whatever our dreams…may we follow it, singing the song of songs deep within our souls. We may not fully understand the path leading to such, but we assuredly live as authentic as possibly attainable…

bird singing lou holtz quote