Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.~Ani Po

We come to another beginning and end scenario. Coming to the end of our ropes or an end to a cycle, we must decide what comes next. We can stay within our reality of potentially repeating the cycle or we can shift our attention to a new reality, making new steps in an undetermined direction.

With uncertainty at our side, we proceed by faith. Faith…that all will be ok. Surprisingly it usually is if we think it will be. Question it and we have just put up another roadblock to infinite possibilities.

dont give up

Stuck in Our Own Canvas

We are stuck in the confines of our own reality with nowhere to turn but inward. With fear paying a visit once again, we fall short of reaching for happiness. Why? Why do we remain in our own misery?

I do not get a lot of things: personalities, beliefs, etc. but I accept them for what they are and what little we really do know. Laughing more and more at who I was, who I have become and who I am to be. The illusion was I was any different then present day and I am going to be different. I am not. Same as I was and same as I will be.

What is different? The choices I make. Choosing happiness over all else. Whether it is keeping peace in personal life or at work…I still choose happiness over all things. Letting go of being right. Letting go of knowing ‘all the answers.’ Merely…letting go…trusting All there is to provide for my vision of happiness.

Aligning with thoughts, heart and actions…happiness shall follow. It is through the gateway of the heart our dreams and intentions come alive. What is it that we want? Where do we see ourselves in one, two, five or even ten years from now?

As for me I see happiness on the horizon everyday and I run to it…Ani Po



Dreaming a New Canvas into Reality

With a reality painted into existence, as thoughts have come to fruition. Whether it is as we saw it or it requires a bit of tweaking to our liking…it is all possible to see. Distraction…oh the many distractions of the day…keeping us from seeing clearly to what the Canvas should like.

In reality there is no perfect Canvas but an interpretation of the Canvas. Seeing the Canvas as one way or the other remains in our hands. Sitting quietly, embracing silence of the mind, releasing fear of what may or may not take place.

Letting fear enter our mind, allowing it to be, and letting it pass. Whether we feel the fear or we see the end results of the fear makes no difference…we merely need to tackle the possibility of our own self-doubt that a new reality is at hand.

Allowing the mind to witness the fear, we look to the heart for guidance. Entering the heart we enter a new realm of possibilities…allowing what may seem dismal to be transformed into a beautiful painting of our reality.

Sitting quietly. Bringing our attention to breath.

Alone and afraid quickly passes into infinite possibilities, allowing hope to take hold of our brush. With every dream, every thought, a new stroke of brilliance is painted into reality.

Stepping into the Canvas with attention to our dreams. With attention upon our dreams we are dreaming a new Canvas into reality. It is ok to sit quietly, it is ok to be busy all the time…merely a choice. Our choice is to be happy…so we align with what brings us happiness.

dreaming a new reality

Creating a New Canvas

Our thoughts project out into our days. Depending the thoughts, dependent of our days. Change these thoughts to align with a Grandeur Canvas and the Universe shall respond, creating a beautiful canvas throughout the day. No matter what is thrown at it, beauty is reflected.

What if another challenges you? Attacks you? Talks about you? Let them…remaining focused on what matters. Our happiness can be deflected as soon as we turn our attention to those causing disruption. It is only disruption if attention is given. Ignored and the day continues to paint as beautifully as it was written.

Be with whatever comes into the field of reality, be with your canvas no matter what…allowing feelings to come and go. It is in our ability to ebb and flow within our own Canvas we are healed. It is within our thoughts we are creating a New Canvas…Ani Po

creating a new canvas


Ever-Lasting Life

Change is all around us, constantly moving new realities. It is our human species who gets stuck in concept of change. We fight over evolution versus creation, change or stagnant beliefs. For it is our stagnant belief superiority over another…through our teachings or our beliefs. Merely an illusion of self and our own reality of change.

Those who embrace change are at the pinnacle of ever-lasting life. Those who refuse change live a painful death…Ani Po

For it is in the very essence of evolution and change we give birth to new ideas or realities. Without new ideas there are no new realities or understanding. Remain stuck in a belief and our reality remains as it is believed. Allow it to change with the natural progression of the Universe and we are forever changing in the grand spectrum of reality.

The thoughts still remain from a response of being ‘doomed for all eternity.’ It is my humble opinion It is self-inflicted…not given to us by any other means but through the self-defeating thoughts. We are not doomed by universal forces but by self-defeating thoughts of nowhere to turn.

everlasting life

At the Center of the Universe

The other day I found myself at another crossroads to self-healing. Letting go of even more ‘stuff,’ finding myself at “now what.” Letting go of this as well, knowing it is not necessary to worry about will become of my days but instead how am I going to enjoy.

During meditation I was shown a huge galaxy extending on for eternity, as if looking through a giant Hubble space telescope and I was seeing beginning of time. Realizing I was at the center of this galaxy, I began to take note. I was sitting in the vast openness of this galaxy and it was all spinning around me.

Looking back to childhood, reflecting on how I got to my current location in time, there was always a self-guidance about the self. Knowing self-defeating thoughts or conditioned response to how or what I should become, I let go of this self-guidance system within. Accepting it once again…I wonder what is to come.

It is strange though, as my thoughts are no longer concerned for my own but for a higher purpose, asking what is to become of those around me. For I am at the center of the Universe and Creator has given me everything needed for this day…now I see…I see a future of peace and joy.

No longer worried about what will be of self but of humanity, asking yet again…How might I serve? For it is in servitude our gifts are presented to the world around us. Remaining in our space of happiness, no matter what happens around us, we are allowing others to see there is a possibility for a brighter day ahead. I stop for a moment, from this writing, reflecting on what someone recently told me…”We are not all given a choice to choose happiness.” Continuing…”so if someone chooses not to be happy, are they damned for all eternity?”

This caused great reflection with only one solution…we all have a choice. We can choose to remain in our own reality, never seeking something brighter or we can choose to seek…seek, and we shall find. Often times with the helpfulness of another or kindness of the same, we are given hope to those brighter days. I do not believe we are damned for all eternity, we merely do not know any other way. Anger and/or fear keep us bound to a belief that there is no hope for us.

We are at the center of our own universe. If we choose to remain there, filling it with death and despair…then that is all we shall see. However, change the perspective, change the lens to reality and a new reality is born. Just as witnessed in my visions of new realities being born, the cosmos exploded…giving birth to another galaxy.

Stepping into the Canvas hovering at the center of the Universe. For in this day we are given a choice…a choice to see only our short-comings or a higher perspective of Love in all things around us. For it is in the lens we use to view our galaxy that gives us a new perspective…Ani Po

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Shutting Down

I will be honest…there are many days I feel I am done posting within the Canvas, but then someone reaches out in need and my quill begins freely writing what is needed for the day. Letting go of what I feel should or should not happen, I release the words back to the universe (and the Internet), knowing they will find their way to those in need.

Letting go of my own feelings, there is a greater feeling or desire to help others find their way. Don’t ask me where I am going! Don’t even ask my advice..I have no idea! Instead…look within your heart and see what is calling.

Stepping into the Canvas allowing for shutting down. Sometimes we have no other idea what to do next or an agenda for the day…these are those moments of solitude. It is in these moments that our greatest joys and ideas come from…go now…try it…try shutting down…Ani Po

shutting down