Singing our Life Song

It is a new day and time for the heart to sing…Fear…Stops us in our tracks…
With a stronghold on our thoughts and feelings, we remain in fear. Afraid to sing when we want to sing, dance when we want to dance or just being happy for no apparent reason. Remaining in fear, our thoughts switch to more fear and potentially other harmful emotions. Time to change this, time to sing a new song…
So we sing…starting with a subtle tune, only for the self to hear. We gain confidence…singing for others to hear…only to be put to the test. With negative forces forming against us, we have a choice to continue singing or shutdown…falling to the other persons misery.
Makes no difference unless we have to work with them and their unhappiness. Their unhappiness makes our happiness difficult to find as we are submerged in their negativity. There may be compromise needed or something to shake things up. How about a hug for the other person?! Saying nothing but “I notice it is tense in here, I want to offer you a hug. With this hug may our days be brighter, letting go of whatever has brought us into tension.”
Singing to life we are giving life. Giving up this voice we are giving up a choice to singing our life song! ~Ani Po
Singing to Life

The Spice of Life

Our days continue whether we like it or not, bringing joy or sadness. Depending on our attachment to things or events, is the difference of whether we find happiness or remain in misery. Some say it is choice, while others still say it is not a choice. I am not attached to either answer.

The truth is…if we are stuck in a dead-end job or have feelings of despair, bringing us deeper into darkness, we have the potential to climb out…reaching for brighter days and magical moments. But do the forces of nature seem to be against us? or do we feel others are against us?

Let it all go…even the thoughts of wanting to be happy. Let it all go…and just be happy. How do we get there? Shake it up…doing something your heart beckons to do. Spice it up, change the scenery and beliefs of circumstantial happiness. “But it is not possible” they say, “you don’t know what I have been through” they continue.

Sure I do not know what they have been through but I have met enough people whom, no matter what, remained in happiness.

Bill was a man who lost his wife, diagnosed with diabetes, quadruple bypass surgery and double amputee….just below the knee…and that was all in one year! When asked how in the world he could be happy, he replied with the most simplest of answers “I could choose to let all those things bring me down, robbing me of happiness throughout the day or I could choose to see the day as it was the first, like a child in awe of the many splendors it has to offer. I would change up my day as to bring something new into my life, searching for something I have never done or seen before. Seeking happiness, happiness finds its way into my heart.”

If Bill could do it, I thought…I surely can do it! Counting my blessings daily, I find more to count during the next. If I cannot count the blessings or get out of the rut I have created…then maybe it is time to spice things up a bit, changing my scenery and finding something new for the day to present to me.


The spice of life remains a mystery while happiness remains in the heart.~Ani Po

spice of life