Emptying the Mind

Spinning, twirling.

Dizzy, falling.

Opening to all there is,

Giving up our mind.

Accepting beyond comprehension,

We just become.

This is the way,

Way of undoing.


This is the way to the heart…Ani Po


Seen or Unseen

See or unseen,

Right or wrong.

Up or down,

Left or right.

In and Out,

Dependent on how we see it.

Joy or sadness,

Anger or bliss.

Hatred or love,

Dependent on how we see it.

Those around us with varying thoughts,

Not matching our own.

Are they right or wrong?

Different or are they the same?

Nothing differing and nothing the same,

It just is.

Our perceptual understanding,

Our level of reality.

Dependent on thoughts around us.

Thoughts real or unreal,

They remain our own.

Whatever the reality,

Owning or dissolving reality.

Enjoy it or hate it,

We are left merely with a choice,

Seen or unseen it remains dependent on how we see it…Ani Po

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Patience in All Things


What for the feeling to rush?

Pushing, shoving, disrupting the flow.

Why the need to pressure where it is not needed?

Anxious, fear, often rude to press matters.


All things have timing, like an aged wine or ripened tomato.

The wind howls, echoing our thoughts.

Sit, meditate or allow the flow to be.

Thank the impatience of another, allowing the patience to grow within.

Patience in all things…Ani Po

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x



The wind howls with frozen particles crashing into me.

Questions and answers ebb and flow.

Choosing to see validity and of importance.

To master the self is to master the mind.

Cleaning, clearing…hence the great void returns.

Enter the void, nothingness and everythingness collide.

Blink…stepping into Mind. Open…back into body.

Like the wind our conscious flows with spirit in and out of realities.

Step in, step out. Questions flow, answers return. Nothing to anew.

In choosing our thoughts, we choose our reality.

Allowing other realities to cloud our own,  thoughts become not of our world.

Like time passing by or time standing still.

Losing all answers to what or where, but merely observing the how and when.

Reality has faded…blink…a new reality is born.

Ani Po



What for questions do they exist?

Answer me answer they.

Now or then, here and now.

What for questions do they exist?

Without nothing. Presents everything.

Question everything or question nothing,

One will create and other decay.

What for the questions do they exist?

Enter the mind spinning on the hamster wheel.

If not now then when?

What for the questions do they exist?

Monkey-mind and ten thousand things.

Silence…wherefor did these answers come?

In questions is the answer, in silence it is heard.

Ani Po

A businessman holding an umbrella in a storm.

Single Snowflake

Looking upward to gaze upon the varying peoples falling from the sky.

So unique, no two the same.

From a distance the similarities, closer disfiguring nuances of the next.

So unique, no two the same.

Catching on the tongue, eyelashes fluttering as they melt.

So unique, no two the same.

Seeking, looking deep within the heavens, finding no differences in the flakes.

Light and fluffy, heavy and wet…no two the same.

Regardless the conditions similarities remain, Looking deeper unique in their own.

Are they really unique or are they really the same?

Pending perceptual interpretation to attain answers to the question.

No different never the same.

See the beauty of individuality, See greater of the whole.

From a single view or a cluster of views,

Individual or greater whole.

We are whole and we are holy. So different…merely the same…Ani Po




Label me Label you

No longer shall I see a tree more beautiful than thee.

No longer shall I see a tunnel of shortened vision.

No longer shall my steps be misled by a million label of things.

It is history that has not changed thus far…

…for that is what we are told.

No longer do the patterns of old hold true to me.

No longer shall I be bound by judgment of things.

Label me, Label you.

No longer me, no longer you.

For this day, this very day, I am free.

Free to express truth, change and syncrosensational.

For it is written “it all begins with me.”

I am the beginning and the end…for it all begins with me.~Ani Po