Patience in All Things


What for the feeling to rush?

Pushing, shoving, disrupting the flow.

Why the need to pressure where it is not needed?

Anxious, fear, often rude to press matters.


All things have timing, like an aged wine or ripened tomato.

The wind howls, echoing our thoughts.

Sit, meditate or allow the flow to be.

Thank the impatience of another, allowing the patience to grow within.

Patience in all things…Ani Po

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x



The wind howls with frozen particles crashing into me.

Questions and answers ebb and flow.

Choosing to see validity and of importance.

To master the self is to master the mind.

Cleaning, clearing…hence the great void returns.

Enter the void, nothingness and everythingness collide.

Blink…stepping into Mind. Open…back into body.

Like the wind our conscious flows with spirit in and out of realities.

Step in, step out. Questions flow, answers return. Nothing to anew.

In choosing our thoughts, we choose our reality.

Allowing other realities to cloud our own,  thoughts become not of our world.

Like time passing by or time standing still.

Losing all answers to what or where, but merely observing the how and when.

Reality has faded…blink…a new reality is born.

Ani Po