Sitting Alone on a Thinline

Sitting Alone,

On a thin line.

Invisible to the rest,

But visible to self.

Somewhere between unlimited pain,

And unlimited Love,

We remain.


Unwilling to relive the past.

For the pain still exists.

Step back,

Step forward.

Gathering tools,

Letting them go.

Digging up pain and suffering,

Sitting with its medicine.



Just sitting.

Unwilling to hide imperfections,

Accepting a crooked path,

Scatter brained and all.

Sit with the pain,

Acknowledging its medicine.

Making a choice,

To follow another..

Or following ones own heart.

Bleeding out,

Leaving a trail.

Creating a false reality,

Hiding what remains.

This is me,

This is who I am.



No longer.

Leaving the broken pieces behind,

Or walking with medicine of a broken past.

This is me,

This is who I am.


And Raw.

Emptying my own cup.

Filled with truth,

Picking up the pieces.



I am whole once again.

Stepping into the Canvas leaving a trail. Not for any one person to follow but for self to recount the steps taken amidst the Canvas…


Your Story

Somewhere between history and mystery remains a story.~Ani Po

Whether we go through our day without blinking an eye or conscious of our surrounding thoughts, actions and interactions of others, there is a story unfolding.

What is this story? Is it based on the history of old beliefs or is the story being retold through eyes of mystery and awe? We believe certain ways because we’ve been taught finite truths of what was once real. Gazing into mystery additional truths unfold.

With wisdom at our past, guiding us into either mundane or entrapped way of thinking, we remain stuck in a truth of spinning forever on a hamster wheel without any set destination.

However…with history as a teacher spirit, we are guided into a world of mystery and ever-changing reality. Re-inventing truths on daily basis, forging new pathways into the cosmos of understanding. This is our story.

Our story of what was and what may be remains mystery to an omnipresent reality and infinite possibilities. At our fingertips of reality, seeking higher ground or grounding of sorts, we soar into a world of mystery and awe…redefining our story…changing the course of history that is said to be unchangeable.

This is the now…a time of presence and awakening…we are here to change realities, we are here to change the world. Within the now, our story, somewhere between history and mystery, we are unfolding possibilities…this is Our Story.


One of the most difficult things to enjoy, but most rewarding. Why are we so afraid of the silence?

Fears arise, anger presents itself and immobilized yet again. Stuck in its place of darkness.

Until we are comfortable enough to observe our own silence, healing and new reality does not exist.

Sitting quietly, allowing thoughts to pass and answers to unfold, we move past the grip-hold of our own cosmos. Sitting quietly…our own silence becomes solitude for a better tomorrow, brighter days ahead.

Sit in silence, observe and allow…the day is getting brighter…Ani Po


Step In




Or monotony.




Frozen in thought.

What once was,

No longer.

The canvas,



Once more.


Or determined.



Let it be so.

Step out,

Step in.

A new reality awaits…Ani Po

Taking Care of Self

With the world moving at 1,000 miles per hour, our days often reflect the speed set forth. Inundated with tasks, responsibilities, things to do and stuff to accomplish. Children pulling at our pant legs, others requesting our time and the list goes on.

We could see it as a reality flying out of control or we can choose to see it as a world on fire, shifting our consciousness from out of control to in control. Even when our days are ahead of us, we can pause…reeling it back into a pace set by our own comfort level.

But there are times, even when the masterful hit the wall…unable to recover. What to do? Rest. Take a moment for self. Find a place of sacred healing and allow the physical body to catch up or gain strength.

We are continuously redefining our own reality, causing a shift in global reality. Gaining strength and passion for our desired realities. With every up there is a down, every roadblock another way…sometimes a short pause is enough for the greater picture to come into focus.

We breathe…allowing self care to pamper our soul.~Ani Po