A Whisper In God’s Ear

A Whisper In God’s Ear

This morning I whispered your prayer into God’s ear;

With a smile your prayer was heard.

Whether hope, or gratitude;

Pleasure was brought to thee.

Give up…nay;

Move forward…yea.


The ability to move forward into the Light takes courage. We may not have the strength, but it is through our courage of hope that we arrive. In faith, we find hope; through Hope we find Love; Love is the Way.

When we are able to move forward without expectations or specific timelines, we allow divinity to take over. In doing so, we arrive right on time…each and every time.

Stepping into the Canvas with faith, Hope and Love…the greatest of these being Love. When we walk with faith at our side, Love is sure to follow. Step gently today, enjoying all there is to see…be in the moment…be on Love.