On the way to Mt. Shasta witnessing many lessons unfold: forgiveness, gratitude, inevitable change, ability to co-create. Embracing them all and giving thanks for presenting themselves we reached our destination and a greater lesson was to be told…that of acceptance.

While sitting at 6,900 feet I began to absorb a higher frequency, a frequency of pure Love. At this moment my teacher appeared and we shared a drink along with the lesson of acceptance. He accepted me for who I was and I accepted him with no boundaries. After this encounter leaving me to ponder…

Why is it so important to accept one another? Why do we look at people differently? While there are obvious differences amongst us, we must look beyond that of flesh and see similarities within. The obvious skin colors or differences in sex can be distracting at first, but upon further observation we are all the same underneath.

From two different worlds, my new friend and I sat together sharing refreshment. He shared wisdom and I gratitude. It was a give and take relationship, one I will always remember. We did not have similar skin color, we did not have the same hair, we did not even speak the same language, but we both had thirst. Sharing in our thirst we enjoyed each-others company.

Spin again, this acceptance: when we accept others, we accept ourselves or vice versa. To find acceptance in others is crucial to finding true acceptance in one’s self. Finding self-acceptance only leads to self-actualization and finally accepting everyone for whom they are with no contingencies.

Self-actualization is when an individual no longer worries about what they look like, sound like, act like all the while knowing they are perfect just as imperfect can create. They no longer project judgment onto others, no longer bragging about how they are Loved or how many good deeds they have done. No, they just know All is Good.

My friend taught me to further accept him, but more importantly reminded me of self-acceptance…

“If we have not peace within ourselves, it is in vain to seek it from outward sources.”

-La Rochefoucauld

Thank you for the lesson!

Stepping into the Canvas accepting all for whom they are. By accepting others for the differences I in turn accept my own differences. We are all imperfectly-perfect just the way we are…

Peace Profound…Joseph