An Other Day

Another day or an other day…we get to choose. From first breath and every step along the way. We can remotely move or consciously choose. Remaining same or altering reality with singular thoughts.

A master painter looks to the brush, paints, canvas to convey a message. Trapped within constructs of reality, released with a single breath. Upon the Canvas, single strokes of pain, gladness and everything in between.

Colors blend or remain incompatible until the end. Vision unnoticed…often just before completion of tapestry found in a single breath, a thought, vision for what might be or unde.

We share our uniqueness with Great Mystery and Mystery returned. With joy and gladness, pain and suffering, we express our world as eyes interpret our own Canvas of Life. We give and receive, at beginning and end of another day.

Repetition or interchanging, interweaving each diurnal course…we get to choose. Whether forty-eight years of self or thirty years togetherness, today is our day to shine, paint, sing and dance to colors and melodies at heart.

Just for today we will have another day or we shall make An Other Day…Ani Po