Ani Po Flies With The Hawk

In the hustle and bustle of our days we often forget the important things in life which are surprisingly very little, yet go unnoticed. We are historically distracted by our busy days. Those who find happiness amongst the chaos, are often found taking necessary “me time.”

When was the last time you took off to do nothing? When was the last time you went on vacation and did nothing? It is time.

Take the time to recharge, so that you can better serve others. Go spend some time in nature. Just thirty minutes in nature is equivalent to a whole weekend of nothingness. Sitting in the woods can dissolve the most tortuous of days. When does when know to take this time? Those who have found happiness, instinctively take this time when possible..those who do not, are given subtle hints to these need. Sadly, those caught in the daily trap of their mundane days, fall victim to harsh lessons of necessary “me time.”

Ani Po is not new to this concept, as she pays attention to the signs. Signs often telling her when she has gone to long without a recovery period. Often times it is the message of the hawk who leads her to the next relaxation period. She notes the flight of the Hawk and takes necessary actions before her fate is redefined.

Have you noticed the tension of your days? Do you think it is time? To take a vacation? What holds you back? Take the time.

When our dreams become reality, our reality becomes our path…it is said when we set our sails with our dreams, the wind and all things around us conspire in our favor. Following our dreams, going with flow…we notice synchronicity at its best. In our synchronicity we find our destiny, leaving a sensational impact on our every day. Just as Ani Po had learned…She follows the way of the Hawk, we too can have syncrosensational moments…taking necessary time. Do not wait until tomorrow, as tomorrow may never come.

Stepping into the Canvas in Synchronicity, finding destiny. Letting go of our agendas of the day, find peace in our nights. Letting go of expectations, everything becomes sensational. From mundane to inspiring…eternal bliss. Go now…take the necessary time to recharge…find true happiness.