Attitude is Everything

I cannot help but ponder upon a simple phrase displayed on a local Sheriff’s automobile. Their slogan is “Attitude is Everything.” How profound and amazing as to the many angles we could spin on this. For the Sheriff’s Department it signifies pride in what they do. To the lay people, it signifies a tough-guy image and implanting fear into the minds of the people. For me it means so much more.
On a daily basis we are subject to suffering and miracles. The downside to both messages, we only hear the negative via various media outlets. While both do exist, we only see the bad.. When we cannot see the good, we are left feeling miserable or feeling as a failure to ourselves, our families and our communities.
Today is different. Today is the day we no longer focus our attention on negativity of life, but focus on the miracles of life: Every breath is a miracle in itself; Our voice…another miracle; The fact that we have the ability to seek positive change…another miracle. Yes, today is the day that our life will truly change. Today is the day we feel good about ourselves, no matter how imperfect we think we are. Who is perfect? I haven’t met anyone yet. However, seeing myself as imperfectly perfect…now perfection Shines On!

Attitude is Everything…why not have a Good one!


If we are surrounded by negativity, how do we see anything but? The idea is to realize negativity and positivity will always will exist in the Universe…basic Law of Polarity. Whether we see the negative side of things or the positive side of things…it is merely a choice that dictates our reality. If we see the senseless murders as horrible, allowing them to instill fear into our beings then we have succumbed to the very subject of the negativity. Rising above these instances of negativity, we focus on good. Choosing good over bad, takes an attitude created in Love. Love is the answer to all things, but the intent behind the Love can change the outcome. A person who Loves to create chaos is acting on a different level of Love. Which level one chooses depends on the Attitude they choose…bringing us back to the phrase “Attitude is Everything.”

“I never met a bitter person who was thankful.

Or a thankful person who was bitter.”

~Nick Vujicic

Our whole life can be summed up by these words…”Walking Forward.” As long as we are moving forward, encouraging others to personal growth, we are growing in the Divine Light sent from a higher plane.

Everyday we have an opportunity to change our reality to that which we most desire, why not make the necessary steps? Some can jump right in, taking a giant leap of faith and that is great. It is equally great to those who choose ‘bay-steps’ forward. As long as we are moving forward, we are moving towards that which we most desire.

Stepping into the Canvas with a New Attitude. Focusing only on that which brings positivity into our lives, we dissipate the chances of negativity from seeping into our daily lives. With an occasional bump in the road, we re-align our steering towards our final destination…Pure Happiness.