Call on the Stars

Go to the Star People, call on them regularly. Building relationship with self, community, universal thought.

Entering the center of all things, we paint, filling cracks and voids at the timeliest of moments.

With a glimpse of the entire galaxy, plucking stars, painting new ones, entering the nature of all there is.

We splatter more of our essence, blanketing even the most stubborn of voids.

Darkness closes in as cracks and brokenness are filled or healed.

It is time to pull the string, turning on the Light. Our light shines beams or beacons of light, emitting outward as a guiding Light.

Spinning, twirling once again, sharing in it all.

Waves of Love emitting with every breath.

Sit, be still. Recharging whilst calling on the Star People.

Singing their songs, we are a sparkle in all the skies.

Seeing wholeness, amidst the darkness and light

Deeper understandings of darkened miseries, shining brighter than ever before

It is done.

Walking the lonely road, whether weeks or thirteen years, we are healed.

It is the end, It has just begun.

~Ani Po