Filled Again

Shot for the moon,

Sitting amongst stars.

Hanging with brother and sister,




Stepping in,

Stepping out,

No need to rush.

All will be as it was in the beginning,

Until the end.

Come sit with me,

Laugh with me,

Sing with me and dance with me…let us see.

Take my hand,

Hold me near.

Fly with me,

Embracing fear.

We shall be cracked open,

Emptied and hollowed.

Filled again,

With endless love.

A thousand voices,

A thousand more.

Talking and chatter,

Mastery of sorts.



Now we are in control.

Ha! More illusion…laughing all the more.

Forever emptied and hollowed,

Filled again.

~Ani Po


Life Comes to an End

How did we get here?

Birthed by a father-mother and inundated with a world of realities. We go on through life picking new realities, bits and pieces of other persons’ realities, making them our own.

Until one day it just doesn’t feel right. We ask…

What am I to do?

We contemplate life, existence and everything in between. Sitting quietly, taking stock in our own reality and seeing what works for us and what the world needs.

We choose, making different strokes to our canvas, creating a whole new reality. Now wiped clean, our reality emptied for creating what was meant to be. Like a reboot of a computer, our hard drive wiped clean and filled with new data.

Open to what may be, we open ourselves to new thoughts and messages from places not of physical but a place of non-existence. From this place of non-existence it becomes a new reality…it becomes who we are.

Now what?

Live. Live life according to who we are.

A new birth takes place. We are birthed from the stars and moon, the sky and multiple planetary alignments. We can now go anywhere in this world and anywhere in the cosmos, gaining access to infinitesimal knowledge on a grandeur scale.

We are here, we are present and we are accepting and understanding of all things, all people with no attachment to their realities or beliefs…but a deep respect for paths they choose for themselves. When they are ready to see, we will be there to guide them without attachment of any expected outcomes…they become.

As we are born, life comes to an end.

With our demise, we are born again.~Ani Po


Just Being

Oh to catch a glimpse

Of what may come.

Just a tease

Mother Nature hath done.

For a brief moment

There is a wish of buds.

Too soon


For it will come.

Oh the blustery chill

Extending to the bone.


Giving warmth for soon it shall be.

Amidst the chaotic storms

We shall remain still.

Just being


All in universal timing.

~Ani Po

Frozen in Time

Sitting frozen in time
Watching a thousand realities
Waiting to birth.
A million flakes of nothingness
Forming purposeful meaning.
I sit in nothingness.
With a thousand realities waiting
And a thousand more
I choose nothing.
Leaving an infinite void
I am home.
~Ani Po

Gaze Deeply into the Caverns of the Soul

Gaze deeply

The Caverns of our soul.

Laying dormant



Our deepest fears.

Sit with

Allowing light to shine.



No longer.

Be with them

Embrace them

Serving their purpose.

Thank them


Bring to surface of great canvas.

Release them

Let them go

Allowing them to find their place within Canvas.

Gaze deeply into the Caverns of the soul…for our greatest allies are waiting.~Ani Po

Hollow Bone

Oh to be so hollow
Vulnerable to be filled
Choosing the void
Filling or not filling
Allowing what will be
To be
Oh to be so hollow
No longer alone
Filled to the rim
And emptied all the same.
I am that, I am
Oh to be so hollow…just being…another day.
~Ani Po