Dancing with my Relations

Sitting with Great Oak

Listening to melody



With All my Relations.

Encircled caught

Cleansing spiral

Ancestral intertwining.

Calling to Elder

Giving self thought

A spin

Ancient wisdom of the wise.

Oh thine cleansing kiss

Brought forth from Heavens



With All my Relations.

Pause. Listen.

Smiles extravaganza

Heartfelt Gratitude

Past, Present, Future

All my Relations.

Second verse

Same as the first.

A little bit softer

A lot more worth.

~Ani Po

My Heart is Filled

It has been in the beginning and remains similarly today. The words on these pages, colors chosen for the Canvas, pictures of differing realities are not meant to say there is an ultimate truth. As in the beginning remaining similarly today we are invited to expand our thoughts beyond a single thought.

We see a reality as truth but tomorrow it is proven untrue. Changing realities daily and new sight to what was unseen days before.

How does one remain in truth whilst continual changing? There are many who will declare importance of choosing a reality but are we then living an eternal truth? By limiting our thoughts as finite can we grasp the infinite?

In an ever-changing Canvas,

Great Mystery unfolds.



Co-creating between thought and continuous death and rebirth

As a nebula of reality.

Returning to this moment, what was is no longer. It is my intent to change with the ever-changing of the day. Love in the ever-loving of Great Mystery. Kiss the ground, skies and universal space and time of All there Is as it was in the Beginning and as It Is today. My Heart is filled and flows as It Is for all to see.

~Ani Po