Placing Our Piece Amidst the Great Puzzle

From willow trees,

To buzzing Bees.

Cloudy skies,

Brazened eyes.

Something sweet,

Ripened feet.

Shadows of night,

Walking bright.

Assuredly knowing,

Difficulty in flowing.

Singular or cellular,

Multiple and macrocosm.

Many pieces,

Just one in hand.

Finding right fit,

Stepping in a muddy pit.

Balancing left and right,

Allowing flight.

From head to heart,

World coming apart.

Illusion of thought,

All as naught.

Stepping into the Canvas with questions and more puzzle pieces in hand. The great Canvas or Puzzle of Life remains a mystery, playwright or musical scores yet unseen or shared, whether seen or not…we remain present. Breathing in, Breathing out…placing our piece amidst the great puzzle…Ani Po




Governed by the Stars

Sitting quietly in times of turmoil,

Contemplating the galaxies before us.

Governed by the moon and planetary alignments,

Or reminder to sit and act so.

Actuality or fiction,

Times of reflection.

Waxing to waning,

New to full.

We align with cycles around us,

Creating new realities when appropriate.

When is a good time to change?

How about now?

Ani Po