Sharing the Sunrise of Our Hearts

May the sun rise within the heart,

Blanketed by clouds of warmth.

With showers of joy,

No longer afraid of the storms.

Rainbows promise,

Peace within our days.

The great divide,

Made whole once more.

We are the shift-changers,

Restoring balance all around.

We sit quietly,

Rise up as needed.

Gracefully moving forward,

Sharing the Sun-Rise of our Hearts.

~Ani Po

Filled Again

Shot for the moon,

Sitting amongst stars.

Hanging with brother and sister,




Stepping in,

Stepping out,

No need to rush.

All will be as it was in the beginning,

Until the end.

Come sit with me,

Laugh with me,

Sing with me and dance with me…let us see.

Take my hand,

Hold me near.

Fly with me,

Embracing fear.

We shall be cracked open,

Emptied and hollowed.

Filled again,

With endless love.

A thousand voices,

A thousand more.

Talking and chatter,

Mastery of sorts.



Now we are in control.

Ha! More illusion…laughing all the more.

Forever emptied and hollowed,

Filled again.

~Ani Po


Just Being

Oh to catch a glimpse

Of what may come.

Just a tease

Mother Nature hath done.

For a brief moment

There is a wish of buds.

Too soon


For it will come.

Oh the blustery chill

Extending to the bone.


Giving warmth for soon it shall be.

Amidst the chaotic storms

We shall remain still.

Just being


All in universal timing.

~Ani Po

Frozen in Time

Sitting frozen in time
Watching a thousand realities
Waiting to birth.
A million flakes of nothingness
Forming purposeful meaning.
I sit in nothingness.
With a thousand realities waiting
And a thousand more
I choose nothing.
Leaving an infinite void
I am home.
~Ani Po

Gaze Deeply into the Caverns of the Soul

Gaze deeply

The Caverns of our soul.

Laying dormant



Our deepest fears.

Sit with

Allowing light to shine.



No longer.

Be with them

Embrace them

Serving their purpose.

Thank them


Bring to surface of great canvas.

Release them

Let them go

Allowing them to find their place within Canvas.

Gaze deeply into the Caverns of the soul…for our greatest allies are waiting.~Ani Po

Hollow Bone

Oh to be so hollow
Vulnerable to be filled
Choosing the void
Filling or not filling
Allowing what will be
To be
Oh to be so hollow
No longer alone
Filled to the rim
And emptied all the same.
I am that, I am
Oh to be so hollow…just being…another day.
~Ani Po

Bridging the Gap Between Realities

Share a story with a friend.

Whether dreamworld

Or past event.

Forth right

Or past left.

Looking to unknown,

Making it known.

Stories unfold,

Healing begins.

From past to present,

Dreamworld to real-time.

Seeing with fresh eyes,

As if first time at all.




Bridging past and future.

See into the unknown,

Bridging the gap between realities.

Ani Po