Remaining Rooted: Sharing All there Is


To lack of understanding.

Often ignoring my presence,

Polluting the air.

Occasional piercing my flesh,

Removal of a limb.

Each year different,

But pretty much the same.

At dawn of each day,

Stretching to brother sun;

Resting peacefully,

Moonlit sister comforting as we sleep.

First thaw,

Buds spring forth.

Day in

Day out.

Rejoicing as feathers perch and sing,

Sharing my heartfelt song.

Bitter cold,

Rushes in.

Such great lesson,

Letting go.

Dropping all,

Accumulated over days and years.

Each day,

Each week,

Each Year,

Seasonal and cyclical as it was and will be.

Breathing in,

Taking in only essential.


Only Love-Filled breath amidst my distant families.

Whether noticed,

Or unseen.

I remain rooted as my father-mothers before me,

Sharing All there Is.

Ani Po

Observing Great Canvas

Frigid air,

Tropical paradise,

Dependent our hemisphere.



Vegetation thrive.

Flowers gathered,

By another,

Picked personally,

Soul tattered.

Days passing,

Nightly greetings.

Hours drift,

Present flashing.

Still more tellings,

Of those should and should nots.




Observing Great Canvas Before us.

~Ani Po