With Clarity Greater Confusion

With each new reality presenting itself new truths come forth, new opportunity and understanding. Deeper and deeper we travel, higher and higher we climb…

Diving deeper into our DNA, climbing higher with each new rung. With shadow and light conspiring in our favor, wings to freedom stretch once again…

Coming to know our truths, contemplating realities…questioning it yet again? Laughing, moving on…

…Ani Po

Rawness within the Canvas

Oh the raw dirt slipping through my fingers.
Dirty and pure.
Whilst not floating in airy of the fair whilst digging,
Sifting through purity of the earth.
Grounded indeed,
Dirtier than before.
Tears falling from chin,
Watering once desolate ground.
Sitting amidst filth and rawness,
Awaiting its fruit to spring forth.
What may be may never come,
This moment remains real.
Soon flowering from mother a child is born,
More beauty or just another layer within the Canvas…Ani Po