At the Center of it All

Getting lost in the world around us, through mystery and awe, we find ourselves at the center of all there is.

Walking a narrow path with pain (past) and bliss (future possibilities) in each hand. Arms stretched out…No longer attached to past or future but aware (present). We call upon Mother Earth, we call to the Sky People, we call to inner Self shining as bright as the Sun…Breathing in new possibility, Breathing out what was. Breathing in new Possibility, Breathing a New Frickin Galaxy.

Stepping into Self

Sitting in sacred space of writing, reflecting on sacred space of life. Returning to sacred space of life, entering world of sacredness. It is within this sacred space All presents itself for greater good, singularly and globally. For what we do for self, we do for all humanity. When we find ourselves, we find the answers to all there is. Stepping into the Canvas, Stepping into Self.

~Ani Po