Our Reality of Truth

Our reality of truth remains sacred;

Our own thoughts and beliefs.

Changing every minute,

Adapting as quickly as possible.

We are ever-changing in an ever-changing world,

Learning, growing, doing and non-doing.

So precious is the time,

Blink and it is gone.

So lasting is the present,

Centered and being.

Alternative or real,

It is our own.

Our reality of Truth,

Resides in the confines of our belief.

Ani Po


Alternative News

This is a concept I do not understand, but apparently there is an abundance of alternate news happening in the world. What is alternative news? Alternate news is anything but the real news? What is real?

Apparently real news is required to having a major network such as CNN or Fox, while alternative news is anything other…such as Facebook, Twitter or Huffington post.

What if they are all alternative? What if all news coverage is altered? Just because something happens to one, does it mean it is truth to another? If I do not receive the news, am I living a fairy-tale or in fantasy-land? I do not know the answers to these questions, but can tell our realities may be different while remaining the same.

How can they be different or the same? Though we live in alternative realities, we remain on course for similar outcomes. The inevitable shall claim everyone of us, but we remain in turmoil as to how we are going to get there. No matter our paths, our paths are shared with those around us and so on…and so on…and so on. We are all having different experiences. But why do we see things so differently?

We see things differently because of fear of trying something new, thinking outside the box, believing in something other than what we were taught. The Universe laughs with me, as we enjoy varying beliefs which causes more suffering.

Life is too short to take so serious. Laugh more and lighten up…for goodness sakes! Someone has a different viewpoint? What do we do now? We are left with a choice once again.

Stepping into the Canvas creating my own reality, creating my own news. The world does not exist outside my periphery and the world continues to grow within these walls of my reality. My reality, my news…I am the editor and chief, re-writing my own…one step at a time…Ani Po


Undoing the Doings

Stepping into the past and stepping into the future, whilst we ebb and flow. Into the past we go witnessing doings that which are done. Forgiving us.
We step into future with the hopes of feeling lighter, much brighter and more life in our steps.

Stepping into the Canvas while Undoing the Doings within our Canvas of life. With a stroke of pen, we are re-writing our reality. What is the next chapter? What is the next picture within the frame? Grab a pen or a brush…make it so…Ani Po



Seen or Unseen

See or unseen,

Right or wrong.

Up or down,

Left or right.

In and Out,

Dependent on how we see it.

Joy or sadness,

Anger or bliss.

Hatred or love,

Dependent on how we see it.

Those around us with varying thoughts,

Not matching our own.

Are they right or wrong?

Different or are they the same?

Nothing differing and nothing the same,

It just is.

Our perceptual understanding,

Our level of reality.

Dependent on thoughts around us.

Thoughts real or unreal,

They remain our own.

Whatever the reality,

Owning or dissolving reality.

Enjoy it or hate it,

We are left merely with a choice,

Seen or unseen it remains dependent on how we see it…Ani Po

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Patience in All Things


What for the feeling to rush?

Pushing, shoving, disrupting the flow.

Why the need to pressure where it is not needed?

Anxious, fear, often rude to press matters.


All things have timing, like an aged wine or ripened tomato.

The wind howls, echoing our thoughts.

Sit, meditate or allow the flow to be.

Thank the impatience of another, allowing the patience to grow within.

Patience in all things…Ani Po

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x