Sing to the Ocean

Today I sang to the ocean, letting all my worries drift away. Just for a moment the sounds of the ocean soothed my restless soul. Whether difficult or joyous of days, I am trapped in a world of mystery and awe.

Gazing out I am gazing in, allowing spirit to rise above the waves of my day. Crashing, pulling, churning strength of the unknown. The sound of the ocean soothes my restless soul.

Thank you Linda for this beautiful pic!

Wild and Free

Untamed our hearts,

Wild and free.

Gathering with others,

Like-minded and spirited as we.




Mother Earth…we are freed.

Stepping into the Canvas with equine. Observing wild hearts, freedom of spirit and joyous company of others, we are present with choice of being burdened by the day or wild and free as the untamed hearts…Ani Po