Integrating Realities

Stepping into the Canvas traveling back and forth from past to present, present to future…and back again. While some live in the past or dwell in the future, others remain in and ever-present space of past, present and future.

Living in the past can often times yield pain and suffering, a void of sorts or feelings of being ‘stuck’ in a world with no viable outcomes. Our reality exists within our minds, singularly and collectively. On an individual basis we believe our reality to be true through conditioned responses to a collective whole. Other realities infuse beliefs into the constructs of our reality…changing our perspective and often tainting images before us.

Remain in the past, allowing traumas to rule daily decisions, reactionary  thoughts, and even harmful knee jerk reactions. We continue handling situations in a fear-based mentality, whilst  ‘the Master of Coping’ dons his cloak of “everything is awesome.”

Remain there if you wish.

We look to the future, painting a new reality, through hope and desire. Bringing these realities back into our present moment, we feel a sense of peace and love with little understanding of how we missed this before. Clouded by thought…unable to see into our own future.

No longer clinging to old paradigms but accepting new possibilities. Fantasy or real, others challenging our every thought and belief. Delusional and ‘bat shit crazy’ is how we shall be perceived. Does it matter? Does it matter what others think?

Many will read the entire message here, yet fixate only on this last paragraph. This is not the point. There is a deeper desire within us all to find happiness. ‘But I am happy’ says the EGO, whilst belittling and abusing others in its wake.

Stepping back into our past, revisiting familial, ancestral and collective beliefs. Acknowledging these thoughts and bringing to forefront of reality…yet, only for a moment Witnessing them, simultaneously gazing to the future…integrating thoughts, fusing realities and choosing steps forward methodically and ever-conscious. With every Step into the Canvas…a knowing each step changes reality and the collective whole.

‘No thought’ or stuck in moments of fear, fear of moving forward into the future. Pausing for a moment, allowing the past to catch up…acknowledging and a deeper sense of joy and peace, we step into a moment in the future.

The past and present collide.

Individually, looking out into the Canvas with fresh new eyes, observing varying realities in a collective whole. In a single moment witnessing past while stepping into future.


As we come to a place of knowing past, present and future, daily changes dissipate with our practice of remaining in this moment of time. Seeing past, whilst remaining fluid and open to what the future holds, the others remain in old paradigms…challenging us to stay planted upon the mount of pain and suffering. Laughing now at the absurdities of everything.

*Seriously, I am laughing and crying in this moment in time at a collective belief with varying individual interpretations.

Today I choose to not see any realities as truth. Not mine, not theirs, not anyones. I remain open to truths as each day, each new reality unfolds. I choose to remain forever in Love with All there Is.


It is a new day…




Walking Our Path

So many things I do not understand: continuous fighting over this party or that; having to be right or wrong; which path leads to the one; the ever-changing benefits or harmful poisons we put into our bodies. So many contradicting stories do not add up.

Ones lack of words is not a reflection of not caring or wanting ill to happen to anyone. Those who just do not fit in, struggling to understand languages of others. To paint a picture for one, ridiculed by another. In a world of so much disarray, One emerges within the self.

As day-time paints a reality into the night, nightmares carry into the day. We run risk of falling into a trap, a hamster wheel or a maze that appears to have no way out…where is my cheese?

Frozen in time, loss of words…just observing.


Traveling a road which seems to get thinner and thinner, more difficult to stay on solid ground…we hold steadfast, praying with sure-footedness. Is that even a word?! People will judge us by our words we speak, failing to see what is written upon our hearts.

Our lack of understanding comes to halt and we Just Know. It is written one day we shall know truth, deep within our souls. Night-time becomes day, dirt into luscious pumpkin apple cheesecake, languages of hate filtered into Love.

The caveat…just when we think we know, we no longer know.

Life is meant for exploration with many cautionary traps along this thin road. We seek and we find. We find complacency in our findings, remaining stuck in a new reality. We seek and we find a new reality yet again…continuing our travels from one galaxy to the next. On and on we go.

When galaxies collide and new worlds emerge in our reality, we shall see luminous days and nights as one. Fall becomes spring, Heaven on Earth …yeah, there will be those who question this very thought…So it is.

Ani Po