Spending an Eternity Looking

Through own self-inflicted madness we divide. Whether seeking or finding we lost a connection with knowing.

Sitting upon a star looking into our galaxy witnessing chaos within a single atom, within a single person…that person reflecting back is me.

From seeking to finding, allowing and observing we arrive to where we have always been…knowing.

Spending and eternity looking for that which was there all along…Ani Po

Words Not Yet Spoken

Our thoughts are words not yet spoken.~Ani Po

Whether spoken or not yet, our thoughts can paint a brighter or murky day. Guard not only our lips, but words which go unspoken. For our thoughts become things.

Set a good intention for the day versus more self-defeating concepts our day is going to end up anything other than amazing. Self-defeating or empowering notions…our day will match the intent.

Stepping into the Canvas practicing positive thoughts. Thinking positively, we are speaking, acting, and/or walking positively. It all begins within the confines of our thoughts. Give it a try. Replace self-defeating thoughts with good ideas. Stuck?! Then regroup or redo until desired outcome.



Submitting to the Great Ebb and Flow

I have found a pattern in thoughts, but feel a universal thought at times. As the tides shift or planets align, messages appear with importance for those who need. So are they my thoughts? Am I merely tapping into a vibration of thought, accepting it as my own? Or am I receiving a message to be shared with all?

It matters not, for my thoughts again become your thoughts, yours become my own. We share in a dance of infinite possibilities, dancing to a new tune or an old dance with two left feet. Sitting quietly in your own, I return the favor holding sacred space for another.

Whether twelve tribes, four quarters or every half moon, there is a possibility to learn and grow. Letting go what binds us to past beliefs, we accept the possibility of an alternate reality to come forth. For I am no longer here, but I am there. What I had known before twas thrown out the window and what I was unaware…has been made known.

For it is in my present situation the future paints brighter and brighter. Drab and dull…no thank you…this moment needs hella-colors (oops, I mean vivid colors)! Bam…it is so.

From mind to heart, cutting off its supply. From crown to root, we are made whole. From root to crown, heart to mind…we allow heart to take lead. Expanding, ever expanding…we explode out into the world…filling it with endless love, endless possibilities.

Stepping into the Canvas submitting to the great ebb and flow. For in surrender true strength is found, looking in we are sent out into the world. Whatever we learn, it is shared. Whatever growth, more seedlings shall be planted. In submitting, we are accepting. In accepting, we are moving forward…Ani Po



The Great Lesson of Life

The great lesson of Life is about acknowledging and accepting things for what they are.~Ani Po

It is not about good or bad, right or wrong, increased knowledge or unlearning everything we have been taught. Instead it is a constant observing of such and taking what works or does not work for our personal journey. We learn, we adapt, we learn and we grow.

Adjusting our lives, our movements, our thoughts…aligning to that which we choose to.

Friendships may be longterm or short-lived, just as a season or reason. We acknowledge the divine in others and accept all…for they are walking their own path home. Whether joyous or uncomfortable, our encounters may bring answers to our unanswered questions.

Guard lips or freely speak, both have a power yet to be understood. Judge or be judged, it matters not.

Stepping into the Canvas acknowledging and accepting things for what they are. We ebb and flow, adapt and unknow…remaining in awe at the great mysteries this Canvas of Life has to offer.


I Choose Me

Of all the people in the world I could be…I choose me.

Be true to thyself.

Ask “is this for me?”

Go when others say you cannot.

Dare to create the unknown.

Hold onto nothing…not even a single thought.

Play till heart is content…then play some more!

Sing and dance with inspiration.

Laugh and rejoice to each new day.

Of all the people in the world I could be…I choose me.~Ani Po




The Master Within

Told how to think,

How to live.

Who to speak to,

Where to go.

We have forgotten how to be,

Ignoring the voice within.

It speaks, we ignore.

It shoves, we resist.

It provides, we take for granted.

Until one day, no longer ignoring the fire burning within.

A fire so hot…it sets worlds on fire.

A fire from within,

Setting life on ablaze.

We no longer ask what if,

But know with full certainty.

We no longer seek,

But accept that which is laid before us.

Trusting nobody, no thing…

Not even self.

The Master Within…Master of the Universe…Ani Po



Helping Self, Healing the World

I used to think helping others was the way to healing the world. Carrying groceries for someone struggling, holding a door for another. While these are all niceties and are noteworthy, still something remains missing.

Just the simplest form of holding a door for another. Brings great joy, but what about those who do not show gratitude for our good deed? Are we attached to the satisfaction we get from another’s gratitude? Our attachment will bring suffering sooner or later.

Remembering why we do things, if that is what we choose, letting go of outcomes or expected returns. Having no attachment to the deeds we do, our reward will be far greater. Sometimes it is merely worrying (or not worrying) about the self.

Helping self, we are healing the world…Ani Po