Voice of Truth

In the middle of it all,

Pain and gladness remain.


Consuming our days.

Giving thought,

Scale tips here or there.

We let go,

Only planting more seeds of what remains in our constructs.

Walking with,

Finding peace amidst the suffering.

Stepping out,

Knowing we are shadow of doubt and light of hope.

Frozen in time,

Stuck or more illusion of so.


All there is.

We move on,

Acknowledging yin and the yang.

Carry on,

Love flows from the soul.

Surrounded by blindness,

Continuing to step in joy and gladness.

The pain still remains,

We are whole.


The voice of truth is shared.

Stepping into the Canvas with truth. As we step, we think, we share, we do…cyclical or magical this is what we do.

End or New Beginning

From darkness and void,

Born into light and infinitesimal.

Awestruck we begin our crawl,

Till upright and knowing.

Seeking power,

Taking what we may,

Unlimited source.

Gathering all,

Remaining still in the darkness and void.

Closing our doors,

Hopeful of keeping all there is for our own.



We cast our own shadows of thought.

Returning to the beginning,

Place of darkness and void.



Acknowledging thought without form.


Spoken word,

It is born once more.

Walking amongst the two-legged,

Unknowing what was knowing.

I am not darkness and void,

Though witness to.

I am not Love and Light,

Though witness to.

Just a speck of sand,

Drop in the ocean,

Carrying all of land and sea.

Single two-legged,

Walking with thousands before,


Till the end.

From darkness and void,

To Light and infinitesimal,

And back again.

Coming to end,

Returning to beginning.

~Ani Po