What is My Purpose?

For the majority, we spend the morning of our lives collecting, playing, and falling into a trap of not knowing. Not knowing what to do in simplest of forms, forgetting who or what we truly are. We are creators of divine order.

Our heart sings a song to self, to others, but we ignore it. Remaining in a vault without ever accessing this sacred tune of life. We all have one and it is a sacred song that sings purposefully to heal the Canvas of Life. It carries a special tune…a tune with purpose.

Recently I met a woman, whom at a peaked age of 90 began to open up as to why she needs background noise. I never understood why so many people need background noise, either a television or radio playing in the background. Not really watching or listening, but just having it in the background.

I asked, with confusion, why she thought so many people had to have background noise. I asked her as she also needed background noise. She could not answer the question, so I invited her to turn off the television.

I asked again, but with intuitive sense triggered by a previous conversation with another person unrelated to this person. Often we carry a tune throughout our day. Often the same, but often changing with variation of vibrational frequencies.

Again…a pause…but this time the words entered her lips. Once caught in her throat, laden by fear of speaking truth, the words began to flow. “Yes, I have a song. It plays over and over. I play background music to drown it out.”

Why would you drown it out? “Because it scares me.” What is there to be scared of? “I don’t know.” Why not try recalling this song and see what happens?

After sitting quietly for 45 minutes, there was a soft humming sound coming from this aged person. Again the words remained stuck in her throat. But the tune carried a vibration of great joy. Tears began flowing from both her and I as this melody unfolded.

Whether one is 16, 30 or 90, it is always the right time to share in this melody of heart. One does not need to sing in literal sense, but allow this sacred song of life to carry through.

Implanted in heart, confused by mind, left in fear and unable to speak truth, we remain conflicted and battling with self. Our global conflict is an example of this self conflict only magnified. We need only enter a sacred space of self, tune in to this sacred song of life and allow it to carry through.

Our purpose is…there is no purpose but to naturally flow through life as our heart speaks to us. Being true to heart, conflict decays.

So what is your heart singing to you? What is it calling your attention but left on ignore? This is an invite to take steps towards purpose. Baby steps or giant leaps, clear pathways or perceived roadblocks, go now…Step into the Canvas on purpose. You are the purpose and the song flowing through is your gift to the world…it is time to give it away….


Ani Po



Flying Home

Submersed in realities unfamiliar to self, we gain new perspectives of self reality. Different from self, region and grandeur, finding common themes.

What was once weakness, defragmented into altered realities, entering a state of global awareness. Good versus bad, virus versus cure. What has become a virus of mind, body or spirit, transmutes to cure for self and Greater Whole.

In flesh, we are inflicted with pain translating into maladies of thought bodies. With allergic-like response repelling against new realities, manifesting into skin irritations, pains in heart, confusion of mind.

Entering consciousness of body, feeling various beliefs coagulating with previous understanding of self and community. Manipulated by community and intrinsic belief, we return to a place of choice.

Choosing to remain in past belief or accepting future thought of something greater: Remaining in past, we succumb to pain and suffering; Acknowledging present virus or new reality as self, transmuting virus into cure.

From virus to cure we are made whole. Though process appear simplistic or complicated through thought bodies, there remains a choice. Remain frozen in time, stuck in thick of things or Painting a New Reality within The Great Canvas.

Accepting coagulation or turmoil within, flushing out old paradigms while shifting into new realities. Transmutation of self comes with a price: burden of past whilst holding onto weight of the past; energy exchange of past for future currency whilst allowing freedom of thought to escort us freely about the Canvas of Life.

The Canvas of Life paints no right and no wrong. Merely black and white or iridescent multi-colored Canvas of Self. Transmuting realities, translating to self, healing familial, communal and global understandings.

Outwardly gazed, we remain seeking for answers. Inwardly return, we are returning home. Inwardly return, we are Flying Home.

~Ani Po