Healing a Thousand Faces

We spend most of our lives trying to fix things, neglecting our own self. Trying to fix situations, people, events.

Spinning, riding the roller coaster of life, trying to make things right. Until one day we sit with our own. Witnessing the thousand faces of self, whether ancestral or dogmatic learning, we walk with these faces on a daily basis. With every situation a different face steps forward, potentially projecting beliefs onto another. Until the pain becomes to great and we seek another way.

Seeing pain in our universe or a mere reflection of our inner world? We sit and contemplate once more.

The world has taught us: always pain and suffering in the world; nothing is perfect; always room for improvement. How can one person change the world around themselves? Simple…go inward, seek out the caverns of the soul.

Plucking old beliefs from our deepest of caverns, removing all that sheds more suffering outward. We cannot ignore outer world, similarly we cannot ignore inward caverns of who we are. The world is imperfect, we are imperfect…until we see through the eyes of acceptance. Through eyes of acceptance we see a world filled with All There Is…imperfectly perfect as It Is.

Accepting not atrocities of the world but learning to deal with them on a personal level. It is a daily practice of mastering self. Mastering self, we master our world. Change our self, we change the world.

Sitting once again with all the disfigured faces, we ask for healing, embracing lessons taught by each. No longer wishing to cope, but moving beyond lifetimes of pain.

Today I sit in gratitude for the pain bodies, which have taught a higher perspective in all there is. The great mystery is not outside of self but within. We are a part of this Great Mystery and we are the artists of our own Canvas of Life.

One at a time we ask the thousand faces to come forward, bowing to them, releasing them into the cosmos. Thank you for the great teachings, thank you for showing the way.

Healing a thousand faces does not happen by disregarding or ignoring our pain. Healing a thousand faces requires our ability to accept them for who or what they are…moving forward peacefully and lovingly, maintaining a sacred space within our every moment of the day. Healing a thousand faces, bowing before thee…Ani Po



Remaining with Shadow

Life can be airy-fairy or it can be real. What does that mean? Sitting, staring at the puzzle pieces of life before me, gathering everything that has ever happened.

Looking at phases or chapters of life, seeing many places I have been, phases I have gone through, understandings of such. Still unclear as to what it all means, I continue placing pieces together.

Someone once said to me “you are all over the map!” I hear this voice and relate to how we as humans go through an ungrounded phase of life (or so it seems), until we seek  grounding ourselves in the Great Mystery.

There are phases of pain and misery, laughter and raw excitement, moments of “everything is great.” Euphoria stage is a depiction of phases of ones life where we want happiness so badly we mask pain and disguise it with everything that is wonderful. Go too far down this rabbit hole and we get stuck in an illusory life of airy-fairy, unicorns and mystical creatures.

I am not saying unicorns and mystical experiences cannot happen, but I am stating that we can get caught up in the moment of euphoria and mask hidden realities within the self. We all experience pain, we all experience joy…but ultimately happiness comes from seeing things for what they are in life.

Truly I say to you, many are broken while experiencing glimpses of joy and gladness. Discounting our sadness and pain, we fall victim to our own self sabotage. Either creating a reality that everything sucks or we cover it up with dreams of what may be.

There is much buzz in the world about The Law of Attraction but is it just a cover up…hiding the truth of our past? Are we truly healing on a soulful level by masking what or where we have traveled? The answers are left for self discovery in this Great Canvas.

To truly find wholeness there is an acknowledgement of self, broken and whole only when we acknowledge the dark-side of life and brighter side of things. Not ignoring the dark-side of things but acknowledging and remaining in a state of happiness for who we are.

How people treat you is their karma; how we react is our own. ~Wayne Dyer

Similarly, how create our life is symbolic of our truth. Hidden in the shadows or walking hand in hand with are pain.

Life truly is the Great Mystery and we may never understand it fully…the idea is to learn from it, grow during and live it as if it were our last…