Changing Our Level of Understanding

What was unknown becomes known; what was known becomes the unknown.~Ani Po

It is often during my time of contemplation in which many mysteries are revealed. So many questions and so few answers, until quiet time…taken by self. It is in these moments great truths are revealed. While they become my truths, they become someone else’s false truth.

As our truth changes, others around us change their understanding of truth…holding steadfast in their understanding. Whilst theirs remains, ours begins to change yet once more…changing our level of understanding.

Just as nature changes without question, we emulate this behavior of change…allowing all things…including the self…to change. While the world changes at supersonic speed, we can choose to hold on to old beliefs or let go…allowing new beliefs to make manifest new truths.

It is in letting go that we become all there is. All there is, ever-changing, forever adapting to the change around us. Go with the flow and remain in happiness or hold on to what was…failing to see what could become…

known becomes unkown