Choosing Happiness

Who is more blessed? The person of longevity yet miserable or the person short-lived and happy as can be? This is actually a loaded question, as it is a question for the mind. The heart does not understand the concept of time but merely giving freely of itself. While one gives freely the other remains fearfully without giving.

Which would you rather? Again a question of the mind. I have asked this question of many persons and always amazed at the puzzled look while answering the question. Twenty-Five percent quickly replied happy and short-lived of course. The other seventy-five percent could not answer the question. Why? Why couldn’t they answer? Majority could not answer because they themselves could not attain happiness, while the other sample simply blamed society on their misery.

I have witnessed the most happy people and surprisingly they had very little. Why is this? Are they living in a false reality? or have they simply found the true meaning of happiness, enjoying the little they did have to the fullest? Along with this, do they find the littlest things to become excited over?

On the other hand, there are those who have everything and live miserably…continually seeking happiness in the next toy or the next big thing. Sigh* While it is possible they can find happiness, chances are it is not in the stuff they seek…but happiness that which is seeking them.

So back to the original question of importance of being happy versus longevity. What if our goal in life is to attain happiness, regardless of our cumulative stuff or lessons of life? What if that is the ultimate lesson?

There are those who live a short-lived life, but are the happiest people…why does this happen to them? Maybe they are here to selflessly give the opportunity of finding happiness to the others who do not have?!

What about healers who can heal others of terrible illness? Why cannot they heal themselves? Maybe they choose happiness over longevity? Maybe they give freely of themselves, no matter the life expectancy, so that we may live longer? Scratching head now…as I ponder these thoughts…what a selfless act it is?!

Stepping into the canvas living to the fullest. No matter the media, no matter the surroundings…we still have an opportunity to remaining in happiness. The choice is still ours to allow misery in or allow happiness to prevail. As for me…I am choosing happiness for the days remaining…

battle within ones own mind