Conquer Fear

To conquer fear, one must accept the not knowing of where our next step may lead.~Ani Po

This lesson has proven correct multiple times in my life. Every time I was afraid of doing something or getting out of a given situation, too often I would close up, not doing anything about or procrastinating what was expected to be done.

I was asked to do plumbing once, but failed to step up to the plate. Due to self ignorance fear led the way…into nothing getting done. Similar with electrical, painting, even building a house. Until one day, I recognized my own fears and deciding to take a small step into the unknown.

Just as we were kids, standing on a high dive for the first time, we have a choice to make. Take the step or climb back down. One decision may prove a myriad of excitement, while the other yields failure or disappointment. Maybe it is time to take that step into the unknown…maybe it is time to take a leap of faith…

in the light