Creating the Canvas

Whether sitting still or running through the meadows, we are creating the Canvas.~Ani Po

I awoke this morning with thoughts of creating the most glorious canvas. What colors shall I use? What will my imagination put upon the Canvas? Where to begin? I settle in with these thoughts for a moment, knowing there is nothing really to be done.

Coming to a place of knowing there is nothing more to be done, my mind goes blank…wiping the canvas clear once more. No mind…Canvas goes blank. Even a blank canvas is filled with thought…it just hasn’t come to fruition yet. So we apply our individual touch upon a greater Canvas of Life. This spark or intimate piece of the canvas is for us to create at our will. No rules. No boundaries. Just thoughts of filling a Canvas.

Whether nothing or over-flowing with imagination, it is for us to figure out…or not.

Stepping into the Canvas allowing my heart to sing. Whether nobody hears me or everyone does, the attachment is no longer. My hearts says sing…stepping out of the way…I let it sing. With every song, the Canvas of Life is re-created…or I my mind says it has changed.

creating the Canvas