Dance Of The Dog Soldier

We have all been afflicted with pain, suffering, trauma, or mental distress. We can choose to stay in misery or suit up with a new attitude. Choosing the latter of these, sounds easy but often most difficult. It does not have to be…it just takes courage.


There are many survivors, or as I like to refer to them as warriors, who in one way or another are fighting for the ultimate cause. They fight for their own lives. We may start as pilgrims, seeking for something greater, but these folks have been forced to face their life lesson head on, without a choice. There choice comes at time of diagnosis: they can choose to fight; or they can choose a peaceful transition. These warriors suit up every day battling for their lives, making a choice to fight on or throw in the towel. While the Pilgrim chooses to listen to statistics, the Warrior stands firmly in the miracle in the making. The Warrior does not choose to submit to statistics, but chooses to fight…they prepare the sacred drum… preparing for battle.


Ani Po knows this dance, as she suits up fighting for yet another day. Assisting others, pausing for reflection… Waiting for the drums to sound. Kneeling with head down, as to pause…waiting for the drum once more. She feels the rhythm of the drum, life force begins to beat through her. Looking to the left, looking to the right stomping, chanting, the dance begins…Note: Ani Po is Hebrew for I Am Here. We journey through life, often asleep…until one day we awaken to a new beginning…declaring I AM Here.


As Ani Po prepares for battle, preparing for the day, she envisions warriors who will come to the circle. A circle not for the faint-hearted, but a circle for only the mightiest of warriors. Some may fall, while others will rise to the occasion…and some will just continue to dance…paying no attention to statistics.


Each day we are given a choice: we can choose affliction by our sadness; we could embrace gladness; we could live in misery; or we could Live in Blissful Happiness. Whichever the case, it is up to the individual self to choose an outcome of the day. Whether expressing gratitude for a single breath or refocusing one’s intent of a given situation, we are co-creating our days…whether we like it or not.


Some are given a choice and some are not. Sadly those who are given a choice, often will choose to lay in misery…without any self-reflection or corrections. Those who are not given a choice of their health…again are faced with choice: choose to Live or choose to accept the sentence laid down before them. The one’s who lay down their sword, do so in dignity…those who choose to fight on…prepare themselves for battle. These are the Dog Soldiers…who ready themselves for battle. Note: A Dog Soldier (WahDeSeh) is a name given by Native Americans to those souls who choose to do whatever necessary, no matter the outcome).
Stepping into the canvas with a gift of Life. In a single breath we are given life, in a single moment it can be taken away. Do we live to the fullest or do we passively wander the Canvas? One is filled with the highest of Life-force, while the other is of the low. Stepping with vigor shall increase the co-creation of our days, but stepping in idleness…again we are co-creating. Whatever we choose, it shall be so. We can lay down our weapons or we can suit up with the other warriors…preparing for the Dance of the Dog Soldiers, declaring…”Ani Po!”