Fantasy World vs. Real World

Looking back to the way it was, about seven years ago, I realize that my life was all I knew. With conditioned responses to the way things were or the instilled behaviors handed down throughout generations, it was all I knew. Until one day somebody challenged me to see things differently.

At first, I thought it was a fantasy world, but then soon discovered that I was actually living in a false reality. Entering into the unknown, I became acquainted with this paradigm. From real world to dream world, night-time into day, I discovered that my reality was merely what I perceived it to be. Moving forward, I opened myself up to a new reality…that of bliss.

Discussing this with others, I continually hear similar thoughts…”You are dreaming” or “you are living a false reality.” This may be true or it may not be, either way I am happy. What matters to me, and the others whom have found their way, is my happiness and my families happiness.

What about the suffering in the world? It will always be there, but so will happiness. Which do we choose to see? Whatever we choose. Our happiness consists of what makes us happy and living as authentically as possible…embracing more happiness. Living in a state of bliss does not take away the worlds suffering, but it does take our attention away from it.

Are we to ignore the suffering around us? suffering within our own confines of the self? Not at all. We can live in this world, but not be of it. We can remain happy, while observing the suffering, lending a hand when it is in the confines of our ability. If it hinders our happiness, then it is up to the individual to let go of the suffering, which has latched onto us, and continue down the path of a Warrior.

I often write about parables between the Warrior and the pilgrim. While the pilgrim remains in search of truth, the Warrior strands firmly in truth. Speaking truthfully, walking purposefully, the Warrior ebbs and flows with the changes of the seasons. While the Warrior embraces the ebbs and flow of the changes around her, the pilgrim clings to the old ways, often handed down by past generations. While the pilgrim clings to the old ways, which we witness the weaknesses of its teachings, the Warrior accepts new possibilities and lives happily ever after…dismissing any thoughts of defeat or negativity.

Stepping into the Canvas authentically. Whatever the current state of the world, we have the ability to live the life we choose. Why not choose happiness? Why not paint a picture of eternal bliss? While not easy at first, with each step forward, we move closer to that of our highest desires. Stepping in faith, we find hope. In hope we find peace. With peace, we find Love everlasting.