In Silence We Hear A Mighty Roar

This past weekend, taking necessary “me time,” I am reminded of the stillness in silence and willingness to soar. After much quiet time and observing turkeys, I witness an eagle overhead, reminding me of…

One cannot soar with the Eagles,

if they are hanging with a bunch of turkeys.

~Duane Kinnart

Sitting quietly,


Stepping, reaching,


The mighty Spirit,

Flies overhead.

Following, embracing,


Shedding flesh,

Spirit soars.

Out of darkness,


Stepping into the Canvas going with the flow. It is through darkness we find light, adversities…blessings, sadness…Bliss. Be patient when things bring us down, for everything passes..while often presenting a favorable outcome. Often times, in the face of despair we shine brighter than ever-before.