When that Inner Voice Calls

When that inner voice calls….Listen!~Ani Po

For thirty-four years I rode an up and down roller coaster ride of life…until one day I heard a voice. That voice is an inner calling we all have, but too often fail to heed its words.

It was not until I consciously chose to listen, the ups and downs dissipated. They still surface periodically, but far less and short-lived as they once were. Once more, taking a step into the Canvas, my physical ailments are near non-existent. I say, near non-existent as more shadows surface…only to journal and learn from these feelings that have attached my past experiences.

I tried to ignore this voice at first, but only proved more detrimental to my self-worth. Listening, my shoulders stood taller and the weight of the world no longer rode on my own self…

Inner Voice

Photo by: attackofthecute dot com