Lose Everything

Fog in woods

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to lose everything? We often attach to things, materials, ideas…never really knowing what it is we hold onto.
What we really hold on to, is something that we just can’t grasp. The construct of the mind cannot grasp that which is not seen. We seek shelter in gyms for our workout, churches for our prayer, schools for education, but yet none of it is found within the construct of those walls.

What it is we seek, dwells within the heart of man. Eventually we come to a place of that which has no walls. A place not confined by the human mind but is open by the vast spirit of the self. Spiritual beings within the confines of flesh; within the confines of the human mind we remain as human. Dissolving the flesh we are left with spirit.
This morning when I arrived at the gym, for my daily workout, I realized that my notebook with 10 years of workouts was gone. My first response, as most of us would, was from fear. Letting go of this fear, I grasped hope…hope that someone turned it in. Thirdly I looked to faith, that all will be well. Arriving at the third lesson, I am reminded that maybe it was time to return to the beginning. Forgetting what I have learned, starting from scratch.
Just as my morning workout taught me, I am reminded of all things in life. As we hold on to what was, we never really understand what could be. Letting go, we receive something greater…Something that cannot be held within the hand but in the heart.

We all know what it is we are to do, but forget how to take the steps. When we stop listening to what others say we should or should not be doing, we simply allow our truth to come forward.
Thankfully, my notebook was turned in by a good Samaritan. As I receive my notebook with 10 years of work within it, I am relieved. Relieved not only for the kindness displayed, but for the lesson that was presented to me.
As I pondered the lesson, I chose to share with someone. That someone reiterated maybe it’s time to go back to the beginning. As I smiled in confirmation, I reflected that maybe it is time to go back to the beginning. Losing what I know, a new lesson unfolds before me today. I would not be here without first letting go.

Each day is a new opportunity to forget what was learned and allowing what will be…be. In letting go, we receive more than we ever dream of…give it a try…what do you have to lose?!

Stepping into the Canvas forgetting everything. In forgetting what I have learned I am opened to new possibilities…endless possibilities. Forgetting what I have learned, I remember what I have always known…All is Good.

forgetting what I have learned