Moment to Moment: Re-Writing the Canvas


In today’s fast world, it is nearly impossible to be stress free. I say nearly because it is possible. All it takes is a little practice. With practice…makes perfect!

Each new day is an opportunity for the present moment. From moment to moment, experience to experience, we can be fully in that moment. What does this mean? It means that when we are doing the dishes, we are fully in this moment of doing dishes, Enjoying the experience and miracle of being able to do so.

I’ve always known that I could create a life I desired, but never really understood how it worked. It wasn’t until my new discovery of happiness, eleven years ago, I realized it was all created in divine timing. From the time when I was three, being able to see visions of future, to current day of seeing beauty, magic, and happiness extending through my day.

Living in a world of labels and judgment, about how I should act or be, riding an up and down roller coaster. As I created my given situations, something inadvertently changed the outcomes. What was It? It was the labels and ideas of others that influenced my life.

Just the mere observation of an experiment can change the whole outcome.~Shmuel Gurvitz (Quantum Physicist)

What good are names? Labels? These are all man-made, with varying importance. We label things so we can understand what it is we are doing, who we are speaking to, or whatever. It is through labels we communicate with one another. I often forget people’s names, forget stories of the past, and don’t look too far into the future, because all I have is now. Currently driving to work next to me is a scooter with a man wearing a black leather jacket, leather gloves, and a shiny black helmet…but no one else on the road. I am fully committed to my day and the work that I do. Just as the Policeman keeping a driver safe and a tow truck pulling the car out of traffic, we all have purpose and an opportunity to share these moments. These observations are mine and mine alone…these are my moments to enjoy. I have mine and you have yours.

We all have this innate ability to be fully in the moment, enjoying every piece Of the canvas. Moment to moment, we arrive.~Ani Po


Arriving to our Destination, one moment at a time, we celebrate it as a new beginning. With new beginnings every second bringing endings of the same, celebrate these moments each and every day.

Stepping into the canvas with greenery all around, being fully in the moment, enjoying the Canvas laid before us. Whatever we do today, wherever we may go, know that happiness resides within us. It is this knowing of happiness, that it exists. To know happiness is to be happiness… Enjoy your day.

As we step out today, witnessing the surrounding beauty of the day, stop to give thanks. Give thanks for varying colors, varying smells, and various activities throughout the day. Within gratitude, we attract more to be grateful for…allowing a continuous flow of abundance to flow into our lives.

We could choose to see dullness of our days, suffering in the world, or we can choose to see the beauty of the day. This does not mean we ignore the suffering world. No, not at all. We merely bring awareness to the dwelling negativity attracting more negativity, allowing our attention to focus, more intently on that of positivity.


Are you currently complaining about your neighbor? Currently complaining about another? Do you see another person as Satan? Before you judge them or before you label them, have you fully taken time to understand them? Are you aware that every person is reflection of the self at some level of our being?

I see this often, judging another without full understanding their group or affiliations. Instead of getting to know the person, we often point fingers, highlighting their differences. How about getting to know them? Understand them? It is in our understanding of another, that we understand ourselves. To truly understand ourselves, we need to learn other cultures, other choices, and other beliefs. Respecting all, not necessarily following them, we understand ourselves as whole. In making whole, we stand firmly in our beliefs (with acceptance in our hearts for other persons’ beliefs).

The canvas of life has enough suffering in the world, the last thing we need is more negativity. How do we change this? It begins with the self. If you lash out at the children, scream at a coworker, label another as Satan or a whore, are you really spreading positive cheer throughout the day? Whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, are we following our teachings by spreading more negativity? Instead of positivity, we are merely spreading more negativity. The world does not need more negativity. Rewriting the canvas takes time and effort, like a painter who decides to change his own canvas…applying new paint.

As the painter evaluates the canvas before him, giving a pause, only to Begin anew. Clearing the canvas, the painter starts fresh with new paint, maybe a new brush, and a new idea. As the new idea begins to flow, so to…a new canvas.

We are all painters of our own Canvas. The Great Canvas before us, painted by the great I AM, is left for self-interpretation. It is up to self-interpretation, either negative or positive, good or evil. In retrospect there is no good or evil…only the whole.

Seeing the canvas of life as whole, we ourselves become whole. Letting go of self-judgment, self-interpretation of the Canvas, healing shall take place. In healing our own canvas of life, we are healing the grand picture laid out before us by the master painter…without judgment. Seeing the canvas of life as whole, enjoying all the differences within the canvas, becoming whole. In our wholeness, canvas of life becomes good once again.

Stepping into the Canvas with new supplies. With pen to paper, brush to canvas, our life is rewritten with a single stroke of a pen or brush. It is possible to wipe the slate clean, but equally possible to rewrite the Canvas of Life. Everything leading to this point in history has made you the beautiful, smart and powerful person that you are. True power comes from within, given freely…go now give of this power freely…live the life you were meant to…Live a Syncrosensational Life…You were born for this day!