Painting a New Reality

As far as we can imagine, as colorful the dream…so shall be our reality.~Ani Po

We can limit our beliefs to this group or that, these teachings or those. Whatever the case, it shall become our reality. What if? What if…there is no reality but that which we have created?

Truth is everyone in this world is right and everyone in this world is wrong, according to someone somewhere. So which path do we choose? Whichever fills the eternal void within.

If we limit ourselves to a single group or all of humanity…shall alter our thought process within the Canvas of Life. One limits the beliefs, created fear and anger towards another. While the other embodies patience and tolerance for those who think differently of our own reality.

We are all here globally as one family. Varying ideologies…we must choose to believe that which we are told to believe…or believe that which we know to be true…there is nothing ever to fear but fear itself.

Stepping into the Canvas re-writing our reality. With every stroke of the pen, a new chapter unfolds. With every empty Canvas, we are left painting a new reality…

our reality