Perception Paints Our Reality

Caught in a belief or open to new realities? There are billions, maybe even trillions of stars in the sky…painting different realities everyday. Fix on one or see beyond this galaxy.

I grew up in a certain belief system and for many years it seemed so real. Then one day my eyes opened and I could see a new galaxy before me…a galaxy I could call my own. In a brief moment it seemed so close, touching it and feeling its essence. Like a glimpse of what life could be, it was taken from me…becoming a distant reality. Life was thrown upside down.

Sent back to previous existence, thrown deeper into a pit of despair…left alone in own thoughts to sort out what may or may not hold validity to what may be. Sifting, sorting, what resonates with this now distant reality.

In pursuit of reaching distant galaxy, passing multitudes of other realities along the way. What are these? Who resides there? Interested but not fixed on their realities, we pursue our own.

What was truth before is no more and multitude of truths await but ultimately there is only one truth. Left to find we pursue purpose and meaning, seeking guru after guru…we are ultimately called inward.

Sitting with self, observing past and what may hold future, becoming non-attached to realities of what were or may be. We attach to a belief, painting a new reality. We let it go, changing perception of the day. Like a bug or dragonfly, we can become annoyed with thoughts or we learn to see hidden beauties within. Squash our thoughts or let them fly freely.

In our solitude we learn to play with varying thoughts. Pretending they are other beings within our constructs of being…we entertain their ideas. Flying through galaxy, whilst remaining seated in sacred space, we allow our imagination of what altering realities may feel like. Taking time to witness airy-fairy, allegory and mythical…we sort through what grounds us further and deeper into our sought after reality.

Outwardly gazing once again towards future reality, glancing inwardly and rearranging the other beings (thoughts) to align with said reality. Re-arranging, remapping or rewiring…whatever we call it, there is something taking place deep within our mind and body.

Our reality painted or distorted by truths we tell ourselves or listening to others. Just like flying through a galaxy of varying realities, we affix our thoughts on a deeper love of self, community or universal proportions…releasing multitude of realities hidden within.

Recognizing a few realities as truth, no longer accepting them as our own. We observe, without having to understand when or why things are, choosing to engage in other realities or not, whilst remaining in our own truth. Remaining in our own…we can travel to other realities…remaining fixed on our truth. Like a distant star we remain fixed on our own reality, observing fluctuating galaxies or fixed realities around us.

Believe this or believe that, energy goes where thoughts flow…we’ve heard it all before. We hear these realities or snippets of truth, but what do we do with them? We apply what we know…Perception paints our reality…Ani Po