Rejoice in this Moment

Whatever past I may have or whatever future may hold, I rejoice in this moment…for I Am Here.~Ani Po

Every thing and every moment has led to this point in time. Whether you can see the miracles or not yet…take a moment of reflection. If all is good, then rejoice. If things are not so, then rejoice…as infinite possibilities are awaiting. Just the mere thinking of change, thwarts us into a new reality of change. Just the reflection of how things may not be so wonderful…means that everything is about to change. We are looking for happiness and happiness is looking for us.

What is it that will bring happiness? What does it look like? Is there a new job? Whatever the reality may be…go get it! Do not wait, do not delay! It is time to reclaim an alternative reality…Step into the Canvas…believe it…know it…and it Shall be SO.

Sitting on breakaway