Repainting the Canvas

Repainting the Canvas

We have spent our whole lives learning and unlearning. Learning how not to be and unlearning the same. What feeds our soul? What squelched our desires?

We carry on in the world unconscious, not really giving any thought to what we might want to do or getting hooked by the traps of others desires…or…we consciously turn our direction towards deciding words, actions and thoughts for the day.

Infinite possibilities exist, we need only align with higher thoughts of a better day.

This does not mean we ignore the shadows of the day. Instead we acknowledge the shadows…knowing there is a source of light projecting through us…casting a shadow of thought into our past or present. Choose to chase the shadow or choose to turn towards the source of light.

In the morning of our lives we painted a canvas filled with discovery and pain. Pause, witness, see the shadows painted upon the canvas of life. Gazing, in non-judgment of our work, we give thanks for the medium before us. Accepting our canvas as whole transforming to holy.

Do we wipe out the canvas, whiting out our disfiguring colors? Do burn our pain that remains upon our canvas? Or can we accept it, hanging it in the spotlight of consciousness…saying that is ‘me too?’ Our willingness to accept our flaws as mini perfections making us whole…we transform into a brilliant light of hope for self and brighter days ahead.

Repainting or painting anew, we proceed forward sharing our imperfect strokes upon the canvas, accepting our unique addition to the great canvas of life. We are whole, we are wholly. We imperfect and we are perfection at the highest sense.

Repainting the Canvas may not necessarily be upon a physical canvas but within our own mind. All things exist in the mind of self and minds of others, it is our goal to transcend the varying canvas painted within our own minds.

Repainting the Canvas of Life we look to our own Canvas, adding our own personal awareness to a greater Canvas for all humanity…it is ours to create, transcending the impossible…Ani Po