Sit With It

If we sit long enough with a feeling a new song emerges…a new canvas presents….It Is So.

Whether sadness or joy fills our thoughts, influencing choices throughout the day, songs we hear are reflective of our feelings. If we choose to remain in this feeling we remain in the song laying heavy or lightly on our hearts. Song choices or interpretation of a song chosen by another…influenced on the vibratory feeling deep within our cells.

Change the tune? or sit with it on a forever loop throughout the day? What message does this tune have for us? If we sit long enough will we come to know the message clear?

Sit with it. Quiet the chatter. Hear the songs of the wind, carrying melodies from distant birds. Feel the breath of the heavens, blanketing our space. See beauty as we Step into a Great Canvas.

Deep within…there is a refrain healing each course or line within our song of life. Singing our chorus, sharing a sacred tune…We are Healed. We are Whole. We are Holy. We are One.

~Ani Po

Blocking the sunset on a perfect afternoon