Standing Ground

What does it mean to stand our ground?

Does it mean standing with chest puffed out, with defense mechanisms on high alert? Does it mean correcting another person when they are wrong?  Does it mean ignoring a spouse after an argument or they have said something hurtful? Or does it mean because someone did something towards us, we even the score?

While there may be some justifying instances and arguments of what we can or should do, it is my invitation to stand firmly in Peace and Love. Standing firmly in the very essence of who we are.

Breathing in, growing roots into the earth…allowing peaceful thoughts to implant themselves deeper and deeper into Great Mother.

Breathing out, allowing firmament of thought…passing onto present field of existence, those around us and situational entanglements.

Just for today, growing roots deep within the Earth. Roots embedded with Peace and Love, extending out for all beings to receive.

Just for today, standing our ground. Standing in that of Peace and Love.

Ani Po