Stepping Further Into The Canvas

stepThe Creators goal is for man to attain Him while still living in this world, to feel Him as He did prior to descending into this world; prior to incarnating into physical form. We do not have to wait for the after-life, but we can have paradise here and now.

With a world of continuous divide and conquer, we witness more hate and further separation from our Source. As we divide among ourselves, we divide among ourself. We feel separate from our Source, thereby creating a facade that we are separate from everyone else.

I remember hearing as a boy “God is everywhere”, omnipresent if you will, “and there is no place He is not.” Then why do we see ourselves as anything but connected to Source? Letting go of this illusion, we return to Source…allowing our true self to prevail.

In our division we multiply, baring fruit…which fruit depends on our intent… ~Ani Po

Stepping Further into the Canvas seeing an ever-flowing of colors, with no expectations of how or why the Canvas of life begins to carry more beauty. Seeing the beauty of the days, we are left without judgment, without guilt, without hate…merely Love for the Canvas of Life and all its participants.