Stronger Antidote

Man who doesn’t listen may need stronger antidote.~Ani Po

Speaking with a friend this am, I am reminded of my own stubbornness. How many times are we caught in an ever-changing world refusing to change, going with the natural flow of things. There are personal moments failing to keep up with continuous changes of the world around me. Am I stubborn or merely need to catch my breath? Probably the latter.

However, what about those moments we dig our heals into the earth, refusing to change in the natural order of things? Are we stubborn? Have we forgotten how to adapt, becoming complacent with routine and ritual? I am certain these are those moments that Mrs. would like to hit me in the head with a large block of wood, knocking some sense into me. While it may be effective it is not the natural way of things to force feed or knock any sense into another. Lol. We merely must remain patient.

As children, we may throw a temper tantrum, but eventually we give in and adapt…forgetting what we were arguing about. As we get older we forget to adapt, failing to let things go.

Maybe it is time to return to our innocence, engaging creative thought, willingness to adapt, forgiveness of transgressions. Maybe we have forgotten, maybe we are just stubborn, nevertheless it is time to let go and return to the flow.

Stepping into the Canvas letting go once more. As we let go of excess baggage, our travels become lighter and lighter. Coming to a place of knowing we let go of more baggage, once buried deep within. Peeling layer upon layer…until no layers remain…

stronger antidote