Accepting The Many Lessons Before Us

The Warrior, or as we have come to know her…Ani Po, elevating to a new level of consciousness arrives at a place of ‘Now What?” From the time she received the first call to elite status of warrior she is learning the lessons, elevating to new levels and wondering what next. She adapts to her new surroundings and quickly accepts next challenges.


When she first took the call, as in the story of Samuel, Ani Po began dumping excess baggage from the past allowing more freedom to emerge within the self. It is in our ability to let go of past beliefs, past experiences we allow true nature to emerge. It is in this true nature we find our true identity. In the case of Ani Po, she did not understand who or what she was to become until she first accepted a new reality as an ancient Warrior for Peace. Now standing for peace, she chooses only to engage when needed.


Even still, the Warrior learns lessons further arriving at the place of ‘now what?’ But the time spent within these lessons gets shorter, for she learns quickly and moves on to the next. Being able to flow like the river and change with every turn carved into the land, we learn to adapt quicker and quicker with each new lesson. Many battles lay ahead for the Warrior but she accepts whatever comes her way.


Stepping into the Canvas accepting many lessons before us. The Canvas displays new scenery every time we step up to it, but how we see it…is up to us. See the beauty or see despair, whichever way you see it shall be so. Be open to new beginnings and further embrace the many… ‘Now What?’

Beyond The Canvas

You have made the first step into the canvas, taken the second, but left in wonder about what comes next. Stepping into the Canvas means taking an active participating role in our OWN lives, while  inspiring others along the way. Do we have to do anything? The truth is we need to do very little. Even in dissent, we indirectly take an active role In the Canvas of Life.

So if we need to do nothing, why do we struggle day-to-day trying to find our purpose? A conditioned response to think that we have to change the world and the only way to do so is through action. Action in the normal sense means to actively seek ways towards success. Myth: success is measured by how far we get in life and how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate. Truth:  success is not defined on how much stuff we accumulate, but how much acceptance to oneself and tolerance for those around us. The world is changing on a daily basis,  yet we remain stuck exactly where we were yesterday. How do we make the leap to changing how we see the rest of the world as it changes daily? With a mere thought…stop worrying about what happened yesterday and begin living for today.

If a man in the morning hear the right way, he may die in the evening without regret.  ~Confucius

To be active in the canvas means to seek purpose, but our only purpose is to live fully, and leaving the details to our painter. Nature is the canvas and we are apart of the Canvas. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While we have a hand in co-creating our own reality, our only goal is finding happiness. Happiness cannot be found on the outside, but within.

Once we submit to our inner calling, happiness is sure to follow. Once it is found, give it all away. It is not enough to just step into the canvas, but it is getting beyond the belief that we have to do anything in life other than just be happy. Getting beyond the Canvas is not worrying about the outcome, but enjoying all there is.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.  ~Joseph Campbell

Life is too short…why would we spend it miserable, filled with judgmental thoughts, lacking acceptance and failing to hit the mark of happiness. The bulls-eye to happiness is at the center of our self. Being told to ‘do this’ or ‘do that,’ we still have the choice to do what we want. Is it monetary value that makes you tick, then go get it. Is it true love you seek, then find it. Whatever it is you are looking for, seek it out and make it true.

There are no extra pieces in the universe. 

Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill

and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.~ Deepak Chopra

Step into the Canvas doing nothing but being authentic today. Worrying not the outcomes, worrying not about deadlines. Instead worrying about living to the fullest, leaving the details of life to the painter. We are the Canvas… meant to paint as we see fit. Why not paint a picture you could be proud of?

Just Be.~ Ben Merens

Ready For Battle

Looking from above; at the darkened sea.

Saddened by loss of a Brother Fish; sharks preying on innocent crustaceans.

Spear in hand, head held high; Preparing for battle.

Strength nor wit hath struck them down; Thunderous words casting out nets.

Seek further knowledge of truth that lay within.

Existence; Merely forgotten.

Known truth for all my soul; Born to flesh hasten forget.

Open my Eyes.

Open my Ears.

Mainly open, my Heart to all the souls.

Brother Be

Across the ocean;
My Brother Be.
Have not met;
But glory be.

Stranger to Brother;
Brother to me.
Sister to many;
Many to we.

Through Love,
We are united.
In light,
We see truth.
In life,
The same journey.

Across the sea;
My Brother Be.
Have not met;
Glory be.


On the way to Mt. Shasta witnessing many lessons unfold: forgiveness, gratitude, inevitable change, ability to co-create. Embracing them all and giving thanks for presenting themselves we reached our destination and a greater lesson was to be told…that of acceptance.

While sitting at 6,900 feet I began to absorb a higher frequency, a frequency of pure Love. At this moment my teacher appeared and we shared a drink along with the lesson of acceptance. He accepted me for who I was and I accepted him with no boundaries. After this encounter leaving me to ponder…

Why is it so important to accept one another? Why do we look at people differently? While there are obvious differences amongst us, we must look beyond that of flesh and see similarities within. The obvious skin colors or differences in sex can be distracting at first, but upon further observation we are all the same underneath.

From two different worlds, my new friend and I sat together sharing refreshment. He shared wisdom and I gratitude. It was a give and take relationship, one I will always remember. We did not have similar skin color, we did not have the same hair, we did not even speak the same language, but we both had thirst. Sharing in our thirst we enjoyed each-others company.

Spin again, this acceptance: when we accept others, we accept ourselves or vice versa. To find acceptance in others is crucial to finding true acceptance in one’s self. Finding self-acceptance only leads to self-actualization and finally accepting everyone for whom they are with no contingencies.

Self-actualization is when an individual no longer worries about what they look like, sound like, act like all the while knowing they are perfect just as imperfect can create. They no longer project judgment onto others, no longer bragging about how they are Loved or how many good deeds they have done. No, they just know All is Good.

My friend taught me to further accept him, but more importantly reminded me of self-acceptance…

“If we have not peace within ourselves, it is in vain to seek it from outward sources.”

-La Rochefoucauld

Thank you for the lesson!

Stepping into the Canvas accepting all for whom they are. By accepting others for the differences I in turn accept my own differences. We are all imperfectly-perfect just the way we are…

Peace Profound…Joseph


“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you’ve decided to look beyond

the imperfections.”


Walking in Memphis

In treating cancer patients, we witness various emotions: fear, anger, sadness and often broken spirit. The opposing: hope, acceptance, gratitude, and ultimately Love, Love being the most important of them all. My job as a Radiation Therapist is not only to cure a person of cancer and rid them of disease, but to empower them in reclaiming their lives.


We never know when our clock will stop ticking; therefore we must live today as if it were the last. With every breath or every word spoken we contemplate whether we are consciously making effort to being in the moment and extending gratitude in every given situation. In connecting with each person we identify if they our at-ease or dis-ease with their diagnosis, allowing us to facilitate their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, raising their healing vibration to that of hope and ultimately love. There is great pleasure when connecting on the level of the soul, but also when the patient begins their journey towards healing.


While many will survive, there are many who won’t. The important factor is not whether we cure them of cancer but cure them at levels of the soul, acceptance being the final product. We are to comfort them and put them at ease.


Today, a patient came in nervous and scared. She did not know what to expect or what might happen during or after her treatment. Earlier that day she prayed for a sign that everything will be okay. As she got on the table a song came on which proved not only familiar but that everything will be okay, releasing any fear or doubt of her outcome. Marc Cohn began to sing to her “Walking in Memphis” which immediately brought back to her hometown of Memphis. In tears she smiled and gave a soft thank you to the universe. This woman was from Memphis and her confirmation was in a song.


When her first treatment was over, upon her exit and being asked how she felt, she replied, “Thank you. Earlier today I asked God to give me a sign that everything will be okay. When Walking in Memphis came on, He told me so.” Giving us a hug and thanking us again, with confidence, she explained, “Everything is going to be okay.”


Was this coincidence or was this divine intervention? There are confirmations like this every day, but often times we are too busy to notice. Reflect on a time that this happened… What are the odds it would have happened? I offer a simple suggestion of slowing down and paying attention to our surroundings.


When we connect with the universe, the universe will speak more frequently to us. Coincidence, which I prefer synchronicity, will increase and soon will find ourselves and the Universe in collaboration.


What are your thoughts on coincidence? Was this situation an accident or was it right on time?