Look Deep Into Nature

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.~Albert Einstein

Be still, listen, to the effortless motion within the Canvas of Life. No matter what storms blow through, whatever imperfections created by man, nature simply exists without judgment, without care of what is happening around her. This is our mission. Our mission is to find peace amidst the chaos, calm in every storm.

Let go of our beliefs and simply be in existence. Choose the happiness to fill the day, choose Love to be shared with whomever you wish.

Stepping into the Canvas just as our Mother Earth has shown us…with ease. In ease we remove any possibility of dis-ease. As we go forth in our days, listening to the wind tempting the trees, so shall we effortlessly walk in truest understanding…

Look deep into nature

Look Deep Into Nature

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.~Albert Einstein

Troubles with the days?! Difficulty with finding an answer to recent dilemmas? How about retreating to a quiet place under a tree, in a meadow…wherever it is, nature is sure to assist with the dilemmas of the day. Often times sitting quietly, with no distractions, offers much more than any services. Give it a try. Stepping into the Canvas, allowing all my troubles to disappear…



What Nature Has Revealed

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.~Albert Einstein

Put down the TV remote, let go of the video game controller, escape to the healing garden of the Canvas. Taking time to notice what Nature speaks, aides in our future growth. Growth is not dependent on whether we get a promotion or a monetary increase, but depends on our own self-growth. Escape now, Stepping into the Canvas, witness the many lessons unfolding…

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Master Brewer Lost At Sea

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had only taken a certain path? We often reflect on the past and outcomes that may have been, if we had taken a different course in life. Whether we dwell on them or Revel in the ideas…they will define our future.

Dwelling on the past we remain there…in the past…looking to the past. Allowing these ideas to grow into gratitude for where we currently are in life… we have a brighter future.

This next story about man building an empire, only to find nothing…

There was a man, for the sake of this story we shall call him Bill, who wanted to make a big name for himself. He wanted to leave his mark. After much building of a massive empire, Bill found himself lost.

At the age of twenty-three, Bill decided to open a business. He was a home-brewer by hobby, but soon became a micro-brewery owner. He built his company around his beer and the marketing took off on its own. In ten short years, Bill was one of the top micro-brewers in the country. He began expanding brewery locations, across the country. By doing so, his profits climbed exponentially and he began to rub elbows with the one percent. Bill had multiple residencies and numerous yachts parked across the shores of our country.

One day, Bill decided to take his yacht, out of the Ports of West Palm beach, and go to the tropical islands. Half way their…something hit him. He realized that he was alone and still felt empty inside. This void could not be filled by the money coming in. Instead, he needed to dig deep within to find true happiness.

Bill counts the many automobiles in his collection, but realizes that he only has one butt to sit upon. Taking more than he needs, he realizes that it is time to give it all away. Wishing he made more in life, he set out to build his empire…only to be left out at sea…alone.

At the moment of his despair, he collapsed in prayer…with closed eyes. Praying for a more suitable life, giving back to humanity instead of taking. Opening his eyes…he was in a quiet town of Massachusetts; He was now married with two children, working a humble job. Answering his prayers, Bill receives a second chance…He finds His Way. Was this a dream? or was this a glimpse of where he would have been had he taken a given path? Bill now observes his current life and he feels whole once again.

Bill reflects back on the past, not with despair of what it could have been, but with gratitude of who he has become. Living a humble life…he is made whole. He is Love, he is Loving…he is on purpose. Knowing what Bill knows…he begins doing what he loves to do…serving others.

Establishing a center of hope, he has opened a doorway for others who have lost their way. Offering counseling, spiritual guidance and connecting people with others who have found their way. With not one ounce of regret in his being, only gratitude, he gives thanks for the many opportunities.

Over the next several years Bill established “Center for Hope” in all major metropolitan cities across America, helping even more pilgrims who have lost their way. Bill could have taken a path for self-gratification and been left feeling empty or he could have followed his heart…filling it the core. Gladly he chose the latter and gave everything away…only to receive far more than he imagine…wealth beyond this world!

When we follow our hearts, in whatever avenues, we will assuredly receive everything we need to complete the task. Occasionally times change within our own lives and our passions change…we must regroup, prepare for change. Regrouping we come to a place of Love…allowing our path to follow that which we Love to do…assuredly we will stay the course. The story of Bill is like many others in this world…we vicariously live our lives without thinking about what is important and come to a place of emptiness. Reflecting on our lives, we instantly align ourselves with a higher purpose. Bill had the opportunity to become a successful Brewmaster, but holds no regrets. If he would have taken that smaller opportunity, he would have missed out a golden opportunity…service to humanity. If he had taken the path of Brewmaster, he may found a successful life…but would he have found happiness?

With gratitude in our hearts, we attract more to be grateful for.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas with Love in our hearts. With Love as our guide, we arrive exactly on time, when we are needed, and sharing The Way with others who have or have not found their Way. It is in Love we are linked with a Syncrosensational Life, it is Love that leads us Home.

From Dream To Reality In A Single Step

In a single breath, we step. In every step, we arrive closer to our realities. Whatever our dreams, our thoughts, our realities…they are what we give most attention. Dissolving the flesh, igniting spirit…Creating a whole new world.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot hep but get that reality.

It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

~Albert Einstein

It has been documented by scientists, that our thoughts can alter outcomes of our experiments. Statistically, we can predict how things are going to go…or we can ignite the spirit, letting go of all possibilities, altering the bell curve to our reality and creating more probability. Big or small, our reality changes with our thoughts and our intentions are the driving force to our reality.
Having proven statistics wrong, many masters have descended to show how easily the bell curve can be altered. These masters are no different from you and I…they are one in the same. Differentially, they apply self-actualization to the fullest, allowing their reality to unfold. They are masters of their reality.
There will be those who disagree with our thoughts, that is okay; There will be those who question our authority, on which we received our in formation, That is okay; There will be those who try to knock us down, stand tall. This is our life, our reality, our dream…of paradise. Our reality is as simple as a mere thought. We can live in heaven or hell… It is merely our choice…that simple.
The concept of heaven and hell, are man-made. These man-made realities have been far too long misconstrued, twisted, manipulated in the name of control. It is time to dissolve heaven and hell… it is time to accept our true reality. Let go of the concepts of heaven and hell, accepting only paradise. Paradise is not only for the afterlife, it is reserved for any moment that we call upon. Why wait for the afterlife, when we can bath in paradise today?
Again, there will be those who call us crazy… Let them. There will be those who say it can’t be done… Show them. There will be those who question our authority…I am. Own this new reality, accept all there is to this new beginning. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come…therefore be present in today. This is your moment to shine… Shine on!

In my world nothing ever goes wrong.

~Nisargidatta Maharaj

Stepping into the canvas with purpose. It is our purpose, that drives reality. We can go through our days, making the motions, or we can attune to a higher vibration of life eternal. Our daily routines, responsibilities, can  intertwine with our reality. It is our intentions that drive us to our destinations. Why settle for a Yugo, when you can have the Cadillac. We are meant to arrive in style…Make that our intention for the day. Wishing you a magical day…may you arrive as you were meant to! Love, Ani Po

Shoo Fly! Don’t Bother Me.

Ever wonder why they call them bugs, when in fact they are called insects? Same reason we have annoying people entering our lives…to “Bug” us. The lesson here is not in how we can get rid of these pests, but how we can enjoy their wonderful lessons. Eliminating the nuisance, embracing the differences, we dissolve necessity of calling another a “Bug.”

One day, while Ani Po was resting near her favorite tree, she pondered the annoyances of some annoying flies that kept buzzing by her. She began swatting them away, as most humans do…until a change of heart came upon her and she began to invite them in.

Once Ani Po began inviting flies in, ‘bugs’ were dissolved and the true beauty of these sentient beings appeared. Ani Po began to listen to these insects, understanding the wisdom they share. No longer seeing them as “Bugs” but seeing them as their true nature.

As Ani Po pondered these lessons, she began to apply the wisdom to her daily activities. She began to see other people no longer as annoying, but as wise teachers. She learned that not only can she learn how to be, aligning with those who resonate with her most. The same lesson applied to those who did not resonate with her, as she understood who she no longer wants to be.

In applying wisdom of those not aligned with her, she is not ignoring them but she is embracing them. There are wise teachers all around us…those who show us how to be and those who show us how not to be. Either way we can learn from these wise teachers.

Stepping into the Canvas embracing the wise teachers. Seeing others as their true nature, embracing who they are, we begin to see them as wise teachers. Just as a fly was once called a bug, we begin to see them as merely insects…no longer shooing them away…

Time Travel Discovered by Six Year Old Boy

Ever feel like our lives are moving at the speed of light? Or there’s never enough time in the day to get things done? When we are in place of disharmony we instinctively follow direction of never having enough time, when in harmony we happen to be in the right place at the right time.

We return now to our Warrior friend, Ani Po, who recently learned a valuable lesson in time travel. It is said that when we return to a place of perfect harmony, we transcend all time and space. When inspired we often experience time standing still or traveling at the speeds of light.

Ani Po was tending to Her daily events when she overheard to young children bickering over time travel and whether it is possible. The boy happens to be six years old, the girl his younger sister with an age of four years old. What struck Ani Po, was the fact the boy declared he had discovered time travel and humanity have used this technology since the beginning of time. Intrigued, and with an attentive ear, Ani Po listens in…


Boy: “Did you know that we are all time travelers?”

Girl: “Please stop. I do not want to travel through time.”

Boy: “You can’t stop it. We are all traveling through time every second.”

Girl: “Stop it! I don’t want to time travel!”


Smiling and enjoying the taunting of his little sister, he continues, “We cannot stop time and we are always moving forward every second. See, we just went into time…and again…and again…and again…”

The Warrior smiles knowing this to be true. Walking away She is reminded how precious every moment truly is, seizing every moment to the fullest. We can either travel at leg breaking speeds or we can travel at a leisurely pace, enjoying the precious moments life has to offer. While majority of people will subscribe to the concept of having to do something every moment, the Warrior knows it equally important to allow time to stand still. While time actually does not stand still, moving forward every second, we can choose to be on our time. While on our time things show up at the right time, each and every time. How does this work? How can we show up exactly when we are supposed to be? It just happens.

“Space and time are modes in which we think, not conditions in which we exist”

~ Albert Einstein

We can choose to beat ourselves up over our busy schedules or we can choose to drop distractions in life. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. It is necessary to point out that we are a society who cannot sit still. When was the last time you a walk? No direction and no agenda? When was the last time you took a vacation, with only one outcome expected…to relax? Many of us cannot say we have the time to just take a walk or when on vacation, just do nothing. We are programmed into thinking we need to do something…Light-speed ahead!

Just as Ani Po is reminded, we can choose to travel at the speed of light or at a more leisurely pace. Whatever the speed we cannot stop the concept of time and are always moving forward.

Stepping into the Canvas on Divine Timing, knowing whatever thoughts, whatever actions, they will be exactly as they are supposed to be. When following the concept of Divine Timing, space and time is transcended, our thoughts instantaneously manifested into reality and we co-create a life we are meant to live…