Dream a New Dream

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.~C.S.Lewis

There truly is nothing to be done, but without goals we have no plans. No plans we risk remaining sedentary. Sedentary…decay sets in. Dare to dream, dare to create…dare to bring the impossible to possible.

dream a new dream

What We Believe We Are

We are what we believe we are.~C.S.Lewis

Our Canvas of Life is dependent on beliefs we set into motion. We are what we have been taught to believe and we are everything we haven’t been taught. Merely a choice of who we are to become or what we are to do. Whether we choose to do as we are told or breaking away from the norm.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new belief. New thoughts, new beliefs…we are ready to change the world as we see fit. If we can think it, we become it; It is our imagination that is the bridge to a new reality. We are building bridges as we think…

We are what we believe


Never Too Old

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.~C.S.Lewis

So many dreams as a child…then one day…they stop. Why? Are we too old? Nah! Dreams and goals come and they go. When one goals is or is not achieved, time to set a new one. Creating a new goal…creates a new reality. Within the Canvas of Life, everything changes…why can’t we? The time is now…

never too old

We are What We Believe

We are what we believe we are.~C.S.Lewis

When I was younger I was called fat and clumsy. Over time I began to believe these accusations and even fell into deep sadness. With time, I began to understand who I was…failing to see myself through others eyes.

Thankfully I did, for it gave me strength when called dumb and most likely to fail in life. Not sure what a definition of failure is, as I have come to know it as another human label for another’s own self-worth.

The truth is…we are all beautiful, smart and amazing spark of the Divine…

happy man1