Choose to Change

How do I get from here to there in the blink of an eye?

How do I change reality?

How do I think life into existence?

So many questions, so much head-mind at play.

How do I change reality?
Choose to change.

Choose to think differently.

Choose to act in a new reality as it is already there.

It is time…Ani Po

Choose to Change

Laughter is the Best Medicine


We all have moments of wanting to escape to somewhere else, in hopes of finding tranquility, but lose the battle in finding peace. Some however have found peace even during difficult times. How does one deal with their own stress? How does one deflect the misery of another?

When we have a ’bad day’ three options present:

1) stay miserable, continuing to attract more anger;

2) ignore the stressors in hopes that it will pass, potentially attracting more anger;

3) walk away, centering the self in breathing. Sounds pretty easy, but for many it is not while conditioned to remain in misery…this is their reality.

Do we have to stay in our own reality of self-inflicted misery?  What about others who create misery for us? Whether it is self-inflicted or brought on by another’s actions, we can change our response. For the self-inflicted pain we have option two or three, with the preferred method being number three. Stress implemented by actions of another can be more difficult to handle, as we are often in disbelief of their thoughtless actions…Really?!

One day, an angry person, creating friction when he speaks, quickly changed the tone of our day. From happy and joyful, to painful and miserable. All staff members were affected by this mans actions and all wanted nothing to do with him. Knowing that he was hurting, while dealing with his Cancer diagnosis, something had to be done.

With a preconceived notion of ignoring the person on the next day, he came to me and apologized. In this case I chose option two and briefly ignored him, in hopes that it will pass…phew! I was thankful to have not spoken about his actions, as he came to a realization on his own…offering an apology. Next time I will be better at dealing with another person’s anger. Lesson learned! What if he had not apologized? By my ignoring him further, this would only create more tension between us. By not apologizing to me, two options then present: let it go or tell him how I felt. Thankfully he apologized and we didn’t have to cross that road.

The gentleman was ’tired’ of going through Radiation Treatments. As many patients experience fear of their last treatments and the unknown, they express fear in their own way. His was through anger.

Remaining calm and instilling peace as a common ground, I established a new reality for him. His guilt came back to haunt him. With his own self-guilt, he apologized for his behavior. Again I say…whew!

How do you handle difficult people? Is it proper to return the anger? Returning anger only creates more anger. We are not defined by our actions, but defined by how we deal with others during difficult times. These are opportunities to shine brighter than ever before!

While the Pilgrim takes things personally reacting from anger, only finding more anger. The Warrior allows others to express their emotions without absorption of anger, remaining in harmony with himself and the collective whole.~Ani Po

Stepping into the canvas identifying many colors of the rainbow, we have the ability to avoid misery brought out by a storm. Remaining calm we find ourselves instinctively wanting to dance in the rain

laughter 2

Learning to Laugh

In a world of deadlines, expectations, and increased responsibilities, we find it more difficult to find humor in our daily lives. This is the story for many, not for all, daily routines with added stress. This past week the teacher became the student.

Often times the universe will throw signs our way, in hopes of us taking time to lighten up. Learning this first hand, I realize victim mentality only adds more stress of daily living. With added stress at work, my responsibilities increasing, and needs of my children being first priority, the universe sends opportunities to identify things weighing me down…I must let go of the anger and misery of others.

Not until something so innocent happened, did internal restructuring to take place. My personal inventory became clear when a close friend reminded me for three days, ”life is a playground and we are to play whenever possible.” I will admit that at first I ignored the signs, as most humans do, until a recent post brought the attention to my actions.

With a recent post to another friend, who needed prayers sent for immediate healing in his life, the humor found itself back into my life. Instead of posting ”sending healing thoughts your way,” my auto-fill replaced ’thoughts’ with ’tights.’ Nothing like sending some ”healing tights your way.” The humor became evident with other responses, ”I’ll take control top,” ”everyone needs a good pair of tights, please send me a pair,” or my favorite ”I am going to a class reunion this weekend and need a good pair of suck me ups immediately.” I hope that all found humor in it and humor found its way into their busy days, relaxing them but for a moment.

Sometimes the best medicine is learning to laugh at oneself.~Ani Po

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work? Life? Do you ever feel hopeless and not sure of what to do? What I found worked…sending an accidental message, taking on a whole other meaning…bringing humor to our day. Dare to be spontaneous! Dare to make an accidental message and allowing it to play through.

It is crucial in our busy days to find time to laugh. Life is truly too short to do anything other and in my everyday work I am reminded of this. Being a Radiation Therapist, I witness many opportunities of growth in this area. Everyday someone is dying, but it doesn’t have to be us. We can choose to live or we can choose to fall victim to our daily lives.

Fall nine times, get up ten.” Japanese Proverb

Stepping into the Canvas today, find time to laugh. With father time keeping track of our numbered days we may not see tomorrow.  Would we rather finish our last day on a low note or would we rather finish it on a high?  Try a little laughter today…it is just what the Doctor ordered…


A Work In Progress


I would be a liar to say I don’t get upset when days are altered. With daily routines, rituals, and patterns that bring peace to my being, it doesn’t take much for the human side to be thrown off course.

Recently at the local gym the steam room goes out, causing great distress on its members. Trying to overcome the fear of not being able to meditate, clear my head, or just be…emitting toxins from my body, I recognize my angst of not being able to use the steam. In my angst I look to another gym, hoping they’ll allow me to use their facility for a week. To my surprise their steam room is out as well. The irony here is not so much that the steam rooms are both out, but that I have found anxiety in something so small.

With our busy schedules it is very easy to get knocked off course…off our course of peace, love and compassion. When our day is complete…work is done. We must tap into our reserves…especially when there may be young ones waiting for us at home. They do not care about the mundane schedule, the busy day, or the many difficulties endured…all that matters to them is you are home. Your undivided attention…that is all they seek. Dig deep, give them everything you have. Change your schedule; check the emotions at the door. They grow up so quickly! Ask any parent as they will say, ”spend every moment with them…they grow up too fast!”

So instead of the steam room, I retreat to nature once again.  There are many alternatives to finding peace and quietude. Nature can play a key role in finding peace…20 minutes per day is equal to a whole week retreat.

During my self-discovery, I uncover more growth opportunity.  I discover that even though I am calm and at peace, there are moments that still bring angst into my day. I am okay with this as I grow forward. My wish for you today is…whatever troubles you, whatever brings angst in your day, may you sit with it, embrace it, and allow it to grow into something brighter.

The irony to my lesson was that as soon as I released the angst of what I thought should be my plan, the steam room miraculously was fixed.


The Irony of Man is not a new problem, but a repeating cyclical behavior passed down from generation to generation. Aristophanes referred to this as eiron, Greek word for Irony, and applied its usage to any shady or annoying characters. The Irony in itself was that Aristophanes himself was a ’jokester’ and often annoyed others within his time. Classic case of projecting shadows onto another.

Carl Jung proved the shadow effect to be that of projection of oneself onto another: In some cases we see positive in another, wishing we could be more like them; In others we see negative aspects of ourselves we do not care for, commenting on them as ”Ironic” or as Aristophanes called annoying.

The first example is self-explanatory as we want to be more like that which we desire to become, thereby causing a natural gravitational pull towards positive people in our lives. The second is not so clear.

Our thoughts and attitudes need persistent training in a world so intent on convincing us that we are who we are not and that we are not who, in fact, we are. ~Debbie Ford

While projecting Shadows, we not only display judgment through bitterness but also express malicious verbal accusations of another. Failing to realize we are merely looking into the mirror with our own reflection projecting onto others, we find disgust with not just them but subconsciously ourselves. Those who remain in their own shadows either stay in darkness or turn towards the light.

We can chase our shadows of doubt or we can turn our attention towards the source of Light, leaving our shadows behind us forever. ~Joseph

Our shadows have ability to shine brightly, as the source of Light, through which awareness and mindfulness is achieved. Remain in the shadows and that is where we remain. Turning attention towards source energy, we receive lessons of acceptance for all (you, me, he, she, we, they): Acceptance for all ironies of life, finding humor in the ironic behavior of man.

Isn’t it ironic that we pay for gym memberships when we could easily walk outside, getting more fresh air, vitamin D and an over-whelming feeling of well-being? We pay for ’Coaches’ to tell us how to live, when we need only sit and ponder our lives. We want to get healthier but are unwilling to make changes in diets or lifestyles, instead paying someone to keep us on track. We have known health issues, but fail to change our ways…further paying someone to aid us with our health…usually in the form of a convenient pill. Our lives are filled with ironies.

Is it a case of laziness or subscribing in a belief of doing something every moment, forgetting to reconnect with the Canvas of Life.  The Canvas of Life has no rules, but has consequences.  We can choose to take our time while painting our canvas or we can rush through it, splattering paint everywhere with little care in how it falls. One can yield a peaceful, tranquil moment while embracing the Canvas and the other yields chaos, angst often misery.  Misery brought on by deadlines and timelines…always living for the clock… missing the beauty provided by the Canvas.

While our moments may not always be what we expect them to be, it can be enjoyable no matter what. The Irony of Man does not have to complete the cycle anymore. We can actually break the cycle of Irony and begin a new cycle: a cycle that includes awareness, forgiveness, gratitude and Love. Wait no longer…change our worldly view. Turn from the shadows of darkness and turn towards the light.

If all we have in our hearts is Love, there can be room for nothing else. ~Joseph

While the Pilgrim subscribes to the Irony of Man allowing the cycle to continue in his lineage, the Warrior (Ani Po) subscribes to a new irony…one of serendipity. On a personal level it can change with a single thought. On a global level, same thought. We find in ourselves, and in others, that not one human being is perfect. In this recognition we find perfection in all the imperfections.


Have you ever wanted to do something in your life, but didn’t know where to begin? or possibly afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone? We all have this burning desire to do something that makes an impact in our lives. Some are fortunate to live the dream at any early age, but for many they will die without ever playing their music. Wayne Dyer often speaks, ”Don’t Die with your Music still in you.”

It is my turn.  Not knowing where I am going with this, I take the first steps.  Feeling naked and vulnerable I move forward into the unknown. Most people do their due diligence and take years to research without ever lifting a finger towards their dream. Equipped with only the basics, proceeding forward…living the Dream.

Often times we set out on task not knowing the direction, but we have a result in mind…ever wonder in awe about how it got finished? When we establish end results, details automatically get filled in. The details are not necessarily filled in by our own works. See the end…but then trust that Universe will take care of the details…she always does.

I hope the writings on this blog inspire many, spark fire within others and help those lost be found once more. The messages will be raw and unfiltered (for now) and will grow into something that which I have not figured out. Waves of Gratitude and Love are sent to those who support me on my journey of life and so it begins.

With only an idea in my back pocket and intent in my Heart, I set out on a journey of a lifetime…dropping seeds of Hope, Love and Peace…for I am a work in progress.

Stepping into the canvas with new light of serendipity.  As our habits become old, we acquire habits of new. Whatever troubles you through the day, bring thanks to your being…let it go, trusting ‘all is good.’ Stepping with our own angst, we begin walking in a new light. Have a glorious day and may your day be filled with new habits of Love and Light. With every step, every thought…may it be aligned with the seven generations. With our ability to alter the cycles, we align our thoughts with that of source energy. Focusing on our shadow, we remain in darkness: focusing on Light, we Shine On into another day. Shine On…we are a work in progress.



Different Paints For Every Canvas

disabled rock climber

Too often I read a story about how one person was healed or another has found the keys to enlightenment, only to claim this is the way. The truth of the matter is it may be the way for that person, but may not be the way for another. Every person is different; every person’s life varies in such a way that ‘The Way’ may not be the way.

Listening to someone complain this morning about their legs limiting them from exercise, claiming they could not do any work and the doctors told him to take it easy. When I could hear only so much, I interjected “if I stopped for every time a doctor told me to take it easy, I would not be here today.” Being sensitive to those with actual limitations, I have seen the same limitations on another and they refuse to be limited by their diagnoses.

I further explained that I had broken over 100 bones in my lifetime, dislocated joints numerous times, with each time the doctor telling me I’d lose “x” percentages of mobility. Thanking them each time, I proceeded to heal.

Hearing this, the individual explains “yes but with my work I cannot do what I need to do anymore.” I suggest that maybe it’s time for him to retire or find a new job. He did not like this answer.

I further explained “that I often find myself contemplating my moves within the days, allowing healing to take its natural course. Coming to an end, I know that it is only the beginning.” Often times the universe will present us with new opportunities, new directions, and letting go of who we think we should be or shouldn’t do, allowing ourselves to change with seasons.

This person continues to tell me the recipe for life “good diet, cardio, and very little weights.” I agreed with him up to the diet, but disagreed with the other two. We need all, equally, to continue the way of life. If we put too much emphasis on one area the others will be neglected. Through neglect we lose our balance.

Now with that statement, I realize that is my way. My way is not your way, ‘The Way’ is only the way…when it fits for you. Find your own way, and stick with it. Listen to those around you, absorbing that which serves you best.

I explained to him my recipe “good eating, weight training, and very little cardio” this is the recipe for my Way, for I am here to move mountains. He laughed at me. “So you plan on moving mountains?”

I plan on moving mountains every day!

Attitude is everything. If we listen to those who say we can’t, then unknowingly we won’t. If we listen to the self, or those who say we can, then we surely well. We are here to move mountains, not to become a mountain.

Stepping into the canvas moving mountains…with one stroke of the brush. With paints and brushes in hand, we repaint the life we are meant. With every stroke, every thought, miracles present themselves within the canvas of life. Go move your mountains!

different paints

Re-Writing The Canvas Of Life

Stepping into the Canvas with new supplies. With pen to paper, brush to canvas, our life is rewritten with a single stroke of a pen or brush. It is possible to wipe the slate clean, but equally possible to rewrite the Canvas of Life. Everything leading to this point in history has made you the beautiful, smart and powerful person that you are. True power comes from within and given freely…go now give of this power freely…live the life you were meant to…Live a Syncrosensational Life…You were born for this day!

Gravitating Towards Happiness

Stepping into the canvas with appreciation for all. The are many paintings within the Canvas of Life, but  beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If nature is God’s Canvas, than the collective whole returns balance to the Canvas for everyone to enjoy. We have the ability to enjoy some paintings more than others, with focus on those which bring us happiness. With every stroke of our brush, or choice of paints, we take an active part in creating more of what we want. Do we want enjoyment or misery?…that is up to us. Just as in life…when we meet an unfriendly, we have the ability to gravitate towards that which brings us happiness.

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas painting the life you truly want. It is your Canvas to create, to harness, to share. Whether the Canvas is empty or filled with the most brilliant colors, it is yours to create! Enjoying all that the Canvas of Life has to offer, we find ourselves creating more effortlessly and counting the many blessings…