Comfortably in our Reality

We sit comfortably in our reality,
Forced to remain or change our course.
Course direction changed,
New reality born.
Comfortably we sit in our new reality,
Forced to remain or change our course.
Course direction changed,
New reality born.
Catch our breath,
Laugh at self.
Sitting comfortably once again…

New Slate

New slate,

Old wiped clean.

Empty room,

Plain white walls.



Cycle has ended,

New beginnings at hand.

New slate,

Everything coming to reality.

It is dreamt,

Visions of fire.

Waters cleansing,

Winds of change at hand.

New slate,

Born again…Ani Po


Change our Thoughts


Every interaction is an opportunity to either spread Love or Hate and only takes ONE WORD to do it. Choosing appropriate words will determine our vibrational interaction. Hate vibrates at a lower level, being that of destructive forces. While Love vibrates at the highest of levels, creating only more Love.

In Power vs. Force, David Hawkins discusses different levels of vibration, breaking down our choices into simple power words. Another idea is that our words attract more of what we speak. The Secret, discusses the Law of Attraction, teaching us to redirect our thoughts and attracting more of that which we want. Warning us of redirecting our thoughts and words to only use “Power Words” to get what we want in life. Our thoughts lead to choice of words, which in turn creates the life around us. There is no magic formula to this Law, but will work every time. Change our thoughts and words, and the Canvas of Life will surely return the favor.

In the Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz discusses Toltec Wisdom at its basic level. These four guidelines, if followed, can lead to a happier and simple life. He discusses four agreements: Be Impeccable with our word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions, Always do our best. While all are beneficial, he emphasizes the greatest of these being Impeccable with our Word.

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and Love. How does one person change the words they speak? Re-align your thoughts to that of Love.

There was a man who was at the top of his game and thought he was pretty special, until one day he met a gypsy who told him he was very negative and needed to change his ways. ”What are you talking about? I am not,” explained this man. She explained, “While you are kind and giving to the people around you, you hurt the ones closest to you. You speak negatively towards your wife, use her as the brunt of your jokes. I know she is strong, but every word, great or small, has an impact on the people around us. The more negative baggage we have to carry, we become weighted down by our own negativity…projecting on all we meet. If all you are sending is negativity, that is all your wife will fill her bags with. From this day forward, only speak of Love to her…try it for a week and see how much you speak.”

The gentleman accepted the challenge, thinking it would be easy, but realized how negative he was, as no words came out of his mouth for that week. Re-aligning his thoughts and speech, he began looking for ways to speak in loving kindness towards her. Imagining raising her upon a pedestal, the atmosphere began to lighten and Love began filling his home once more. He continued this for six months, even in the darkest of times. Six months went by and his wife came to him saying, ”I do not know what has changed you, but I Love you now…more than ever before. Thank you for always making me feel good! I Love you!” With this surprise discussion the man learned a valuable lesson in life, receiving confirmation that there is always a spiritual solution to every situation. The solution here resulted in a happier home life. He also learned that if he can change with just one person, why not expand this knowledge to more people. He went on to be the most positive person around. Still not perfect, but able to stay positive and learn quickly from the many lessons that present to him.  He further understood that every encounter is an opportunity to be the Best person he could be…returning us back to the lessons of Don Miguel Ruiz…do your best.

Another story is of a homeless person begging for change, for the simple feat of filling his stomach with nourishment. Being blind, he could not do anything but sit there waiting for the sounds of money hitting his tin can.

One day a woman, walking by, wrote something on his sign and walked away. That day the man got more in one day then he had in a whole month. What did this woman do? What did she write? Her words changed his reality into something he had never realized. Let’s watch this great video by Purplefeather, and see the power of words in action…

Stepping into the Canvas re-aligning our thoughts into words of intention, creating a life we dreamed of. Our thoughts control our actions and words. But if we only know what we know, oftentimes we remain in our own misery. Whatever our thoughts will be our words…change them now. If they align with negativity we emit negativity. Aligning with only positive thoughts, actions will automatically become that of positivity…Walking in positive thoughts, sharing only that of Love. ”Change our Thoughts, Change our Life.”

Try it just for a week…see what happens…

A Spiritual Solution To Every Situation

It is said…there is a spiritual solution to every situation. The problem lies not within the situation, but within the solution. We live in a world where everyone is too busy to see the brighter side of things. We live in a world too busy to allow another to pass us. I invite you now to sit and contemplate the busy schedule of our days. I invite you now to take in a breath…absorbing all the Canvas has to offer…

Are you Listening?

It is I who speaks, but you have failed to listen.

It is I who listens, but your words have no meaning.

I am everywhere and everyone, but yet you spit and curse my name.

If you only knew who is there besides you, you would no longer cut me off.

If you only saw the perfection, you would no longer take life for granted.

If you only felt my spirit, you would learn to Love as I do.

See me, Feel me, Hear me, For I am all there ever is.

Love me, Forgive me, Help me, For I am the Lost as well as the Found.

Heal me, Hold me, Comfort me, For I am the sick as well as the Healed.

…Look out your window now and see me, For I am all there is to see.

Stepping into the Canvas in Spirit, removing flesh and applying the spirit…In doing so we instinctively travel mindfully and purposefully.  For every situation throughout our day, see the solution hidden within the Canvas of Life.

See the Spiritual Solution to every situation…Change our thoughts, change our life…

spiritual-materialIn reality there is no magic formula. Many will try to sell us one, but still remains a mystery as to what the secret to life may be. The truth is…the only formula is…there is no formula…only intentions. Our intentions become our reality. That being said, our reality could be a continuous changing event. Those who embrace change…find happiness; those who do not…well more lessons of life to come their way.

Not sure if this mirrors your life, but I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have tried something new, only to move on or back to something I loved doing…going back and forth yet again…endlessly. For me there is wisdom in this back and forth behavior…just when I think something is the way…it is no longer the way and I return back to the basics of life…being happy with what I do. Through indecisiveness, we find decisiveness. Our confusion comes from listening to everyone else and living the life they say we should. Instead consider living the life you choose to.

When things are not going our way, sit and contemplate the next move. The magic formula resides within ourselves. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Asking for guidance or assistance…guaranteed it will present itself. Our thoughts become things, but it is through our intent and our actions that drives our thoughts into reality.

Think it, breathe it and know it to be true. Think it, act upon it, making it a reality. ~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas with a magic Key. The key remains, and always will be, within the self. While others may be the catalyst, realize the answers have always been inside us. The key to our success is not the amount of money we make, but how we make it. The key to our happiness is not how we attain it, but how we accept it. Insert the Key to Life’s many mysteries…turn the key…and live in paradise.


Dreams And Thoughts Of Positivity Stand Alone

Let’s be done with colors of gray or brilliance of Hughes…for beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Whether seen as misery or as beauty resides within the eye of the beholder. Stepping into the Canvas with an open heart and thoughts of compassion, see the brilliance around you today enjoying this special day.

Just as the rooster crowed twice and Peter denied Christ three times, the words self-discipline appear a third time today…sending a message clear. Whenever something comes across our radar, pay attention. When it happens thrice…really pay attention. Messages are usually on purpose and have a direct guidance for our journey of life. Peter denied this warning, but the prophecy came true anyway. Would the outcome have changed if Peter listened to the warning? In this case probably not, but in our warnings it can. We must pay attention and be open to the signs that appear before us.

Dreams and thoughts of positivity standalone,

while love and self-discipline guide us to our destination.

~Joseph Lieungh

Reflecting on self-discipline, it is in our power to change our reality. Listen to the other ninety-nine percent of the world and we shall be led astray. Following the one-percent, we shall follow the internal guidance of our own personal GPS (God Positioning System). Trust these instincts and follow them no matter what others say or do to stop you. Remain calm and trust that all we have a happy ending.

This came very timely and shall cause much self-reflection on my part. When signs of three enter your radar screen…pay attention to the message being sent…guaranteed it is important for our journey of life.

Stepping into the Canvas with an open heart and thoughts of compassion, see the brilliance around you today enjoying this special day. Be open to whatever comes your way…be open to change.

The Master of Tea Ceremonies

Have you ever encountered a difficult person? One who just doesn’t see things any other way but theirs? Do you come head to head with someone who is just down-right stubborn? These types of people are what I like to call Master of Tea Ceremonies.  For the Master of the Tea Ceremony has practiced his ways for a lifetime and is unwilling to change his ways.

The Master of Tea Ceremonies will often times lose their patience or temper with any suggestions made. They only see their view as gospel and are unwilling to sway. This trait can serve an individual, but in this instance it only promotes harmful behavior. It is harmful to not just himself but those around him. The negative behavior and the harsh words or attacks can alter another beings life. With any encounter with another good or bad (positive or negative), we have the ability to change who they are. What impact do these types have on us?

While nearly impossible to change the Master of Tea Ceremonies, there is still a slight possibility of allowing them to change. How this is done, is by mere example. It may take 10,000 encounters with that person but eventually they may grasp to a positive word or thought. Then again, there are those who may never get it. Wash your hands of them and move on.

There are only a few options to counter the Master of Tea Ceremonies: enjoy the Tea that is served; offer suggestions to how they serve; or never drink from their establishment again. Being stubborn, one might take repetitive abuse from this Master until one day they throw in the towel or the Master changes his ways. The main lesson is that we learn from the Master and respect his ways.

The Masters Tools



It is amazing to watch the master of tea ceremonies,

Who has practiced all his life.

He mastered his techniques,

With precision and care.

Enjoys pouring tea,

For others to endure.

As the water boils and whistles a tune,

It signals the time when the master tends his tea.


He carefully pours boiling water,

Over tea and herbs.

Steeping to peak perfection,

Is his number one task.

Allowing enough time,

For the proper taste to delight.

It is time to serve his guests,

One saucer at a time.


A young man approaches the Master of Tea Ceremonies,

And offers a new way.

The master grunts and groans,

And requests he leave him alone.

He is not interested in making tea faster or better,

Merely perfecting his ways is all he may.

More tea does not interest him,

Neither bigger cups.

For he has perfected his ways,

All his life.


Do not take it personal,

Do not dismay.

For the master of the tea ceremony,

Is set in his ways.

You can try to change him and the way he serves,

Ultimately it is he who agrees to change.

You can show him the tea set,

But it is he who has to agree.

To change the ceremony,

To change his ways.

Authentic Me

It is time to shed the false-self and accept the true-self. In this clip we touch upon the idea of attracting more of what we want in our lives, guided by Michael Beckwith, Esther Hicks and Rhonda Byrne. When we are authentic we are connected with source energy or we are connected with God. Abraham was the first to know about this Law and spoke these words, “As a man thinketh, so is he.”


We are surrounded with so many distractions in our lives, further pulling us away from the intimate relationship with our Father of all Fathers, Source energy, God, Universe or as Jesus spoke of…The Way. He spoke of being the light and The Way.  There is no word for this Source of Sources, but we choose to refer to it as God. What if God was The Way? What if the ancient Chinese knew of this technology hence writing about it in the Tao de Ching (Lao Tzu)? What if Jesus studied under the Far East and mastered The Way?

Whatever the case, we still are left with a choice of who we are. We can choose to be stuck in an abusive relationship or we can choose to change our circumstance: either by leaving or changing the way we see our given circumstance. If there is physical or mental abuse, chances are the risks outweigh the results and it may be necessary to leave the given relationship.

We can choose to live in poverty thinking or we can choose prosperity thinking. Poverty thinking believes that everyone is against them, everyone owes them something or that they will never amount to anything, continuously coveting another person’s  life. Prosperity thinking is that of self-actualized and are free to create the life appropriately, having no regrets in their lives.

So what do we do? How do we get there? See it as if we’re already there and that abundance is already on its way.  First, we must have Acceptance of who we are. We need to see ourselves as a spark of the divine. It is said that God does not make junk, then why would we think we were anything other than a masterpiece? Secondly we must have gratitude for whom we have become, accepting (more acceptance) all of the ups and downs leading to present time. Without pitfalls, we could not have become who we are today. Thirdly, we must learn to Love the person staring back in the mirror. Once we embrace this trifecta, we can learn to see the world as a better place. People write about this place, they sing about it and it is attainable by all.

The world is filed with many distractions, good and bad, focus on our lives only. Care not about the people around us, but only about the personal world being co-created. Learn to Love yourself from head to toe and learn to reflect out into the world. When we embrace ourselves, we are embracing the world around us. Further, we are embracing our Source and completing the intimate relationship religious traditions attempt to teach. This relationship cannot be taught, but instead accepted.

With self-love comes a realization we are not perfect and sinners by nature. Accepting ourselves for who we are, perfect or imperfect, allows us to accept others perfections or imperfections. Just because we are human does not mean we have to dwell in this belief. Instead accept it and move on, focusing only on the life we want to create and releasing the Shadow of its stronghold.

It is time to accept the True authentic self and reclaim who we were born to be. We were born for greatness and not poverty. See it, believe it and know it to be true.

May the first breath and last breath be that which you want most, leaving  self-defeating thoughts behind. You are truly a Masterpiece and deserve to be on display! Humbly go forth and prosper, never looking back.

Bottom line is this…we have the ability to change our lives through our thoughts. Whatever is sought, know that it is on its way. From this day forward, Stepping into the Canvas, I vow to be my authentic self and be…ME.