A Thousand Lifetimes in a Single Breath

We can relive our past over and over, remaining in grip-hold of fear and anger or we can assert our own willingness to seek out the past, its triggers of present day and move on from a place of despair. Not easy and often painful, but may be just what is needed to paint a brighter day.

Our aloneness comes from a place of our willingness to stand facing our own self. As we sit with self, others unwillingness to face their own fear shines brighter as they scatter or lack the understanding of what we know as reality.

Is it their lack of compassion or merely we do not know how to vocalize what we seek to convey in this place in time? Are we over-analyzing this adventure? Or are we just unable to let go of our thoughts of yesterday?

It takes courage to sit quietly with a thousand lifetimes of reality, broken, broken by thoughts of others brazenness.

Our thoughts are created by self infliction and infliction of others and their lifetimes of realities. Until it is too painful to follow the ways of past realities. We sit, we stand…in our own courage to face the pain of self, of others, community and generations of pain. We take a breath.

Breathing in a lifetimes of pain, breathing out and letting it all go. In a single breath our story has changed. A story of ownership, courage and healing. We are the hurt, the infliction or projection onto others and we are the healed. Choosing to let go of a thousand lifetimes, we shift to a gentle brushstroke of peace within, love for all the lifetimes and understanding where we came from.

On a physical lifetime it is easy to trace where we came from. Mentally, it may take a bit of courage to recount, patience to relive and determination to get to the root cause of our reality. Spiritually, we are who are and we choose to let that shine from this day forward.

Stepping into the Canvas with a thousand lifetimes in a single breath. Clarity of what was, we step forward in what will be, choosing to be that which we most desire…


Filled Again

Shot for the moon,

Sitting amongst stars.

Hanging with brother and sister,




Stepping in,

Stepping out,

No need to rush.

All will be as it was in the beginning,

Until the end.

Come sit with me,

Laugh with me,

Sing with me and dance with me…let us see.

Take my hand,

Hold me near.

Fly with me,

Embracing fear.

We shall be cracked open,

Emptied and hollowed.

Filled again,

With endless love.

A thousand voices,

A thousand more.

Talking and chatter,

Mastery of sorts.



Now we are in control.

Ha! More illusion…laughing all the more.

Forever emptied and hollowed,

Filled again.

~Ani Po


Out of the Ashes

Out of the ashes

A thousand lifetimes

Pain and misery

Remaining in smoldering bed

First breath



Family and friends


For all humanity

Rising from said past

Flying into future

With great focus

Cleansing breath

Just being

Balance restored

~Ani Po

Gaze Deeply into the Caverns of the Soul

Gaze deeply

The Caverns of our soul.

Laying dormant



Our deepest fears.

Sit with

Allowing light to shine.



No longer.

Be with them

Embrace them

Serving their purpose.

Thank them


Bring to surface of great canvas.

Release them

Let them go

Allowing them to find their place within Canvas.

Gaze deeply into the Caverns of the soul…for our greatest allies are waiting.~Ani Po

I Am As It Is

I am which you say 
I am which I believe
And all realities in between 
I am as it is

The shadow
And light
Pure love
And sorrow
And all realities in between
I am as it is

For the path before
Choosing as I am to be
What I seek more of in this world
I am as it is


Reflecting mirrors

All around

That which seen out

Shines within

I am to you

As you to me

I am as it is

Stepping into the canvas fully aligned…in balance…I am as it is.~Ani Po


Maintaining Balance

Sustaining the body,

Feeding Spirit.

Losing the mind,

Creating world anew.

Seek answers,

Creating yet again.

No more answers,

No resolution.

Just Be.

Their reality,

Colliding with our own.Meet and greet,

On the Canvas of Life.



The Canvas as we see fit.

Maintaining balance of self,

Maintaining balance…

Of Divine Proportions.

~Ani Po

Blocking the sunset on a perfect afternoon


Divine Dichotomy of Self

We sit,

With our own unanswered questions.


Never to find,

Or conclude as we see fit.

With every answer,

Comes an opposing thought.

Divinely perfect,

As it is supposed to be.

Death and destruction,

Birth and constructs of our being.

It is,

Is it.

We see fit,

To our own curiosities.

Fighting amongst others,

Fighting amongst self.

Wrestling with self,

Own thoughts consuming or creating.

It is,

Is it.

We are,

Just Being.

~Ani Po