Sing Loud

Tap to rhythm of the beat

Head bobbing back and forth.

Humming along to favorite melody,

Close our eyes to see.

The bridge is waiting,

To carry one away.

No fees required,

Travel to wherever needed.

Whether singing or dancing,

Let rhythm flow.

There is no right or wrong,

As long as rhythm flows…

Sing Loud…sing off key if you must…but please remember to sing.~Ani Po

Singing and Dancing with Inspiration

We fall,

Sharing messages of pain or laughter.

We rise,

Sharing messages of joy or discouragement.

We wake,

Anticipating new discovery or repeat of the next.

We rest,

Crying ourselves to sleep or heart pounding in awe.

Same ole same ole,

Something different every moment.

No music at all,

Or Singing and Dancing with Inspiration…we are.

~Ani Po