Closing a Chapter

We are given only as much as we can handle…so we are told. But what does this mean? There are single moms, with 5 kids while working 2 jobs…making it look easy. While there are double income no kids who have the world against them. How is this so? Is it a perception of self and circumstance? Is it a combination of inherited and societal beliefs? We could spend hours debating the answer to this…instead let us focus on the remedy.

This past week has been difficult for many, while some keep on with their daily lives. Some lives stop for a moment of reflection, while the others are at light speeds ahead of the rest. Neither is right or wrong, but different circumstances or different chapters within each life.

Upon facing my own inner dilemmas, I come to a closing of sorts…of yet another chapter within my book of life.  Though I thought the lesson was to be short and sweet…the universe called an audible, challenging me to see how well I have learned this previous lesson.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you thought you have overcome an idea or dilemma, only to have the forces of nature hit you with everything it has?! This was one of those moments.

These are those defining moments where we take a deep breath (maybe counting to 10), pausing for deeper reflection without any rapid response. We take a breath and contemplate what the other was thinking. Maybe we have a better understanding or maybe we do not?! If we do…great! If we do not, we can make effort to defuse the situation or we can forgive the person causing chaos.

It is my experience that often times people have the best of intentions, but often see how things should pan out differently. Differing from our own ideas, we are faced with letting go more control of the situation. We may feel like a ghost, as if nobody sees us…never asking for our input. Does this matter? Do they have to get our input? Maybe they do if EGO demands that others respect our thoughts.

Now we are getting somewhere. Is it demanding respect of others or is it merely asking for common courtesy? Is common courtesy lost in this world today? I am not certain of the latter, but surely we could use a bit more of it.

Stepping into the Canvas Closing a Chapter, turning the page…another begins. How we react to the previous chapter leads into the next. If we embrace our chapter story as it unfolds, with enthusiasm for the coming chapter…we surely shan’t be disappointed.

~Ani Po

Closing a chapter

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas with ‘No Mind.’ In letting go of our own agenda, we cannot be disappointed; in letting go of our own thoughts, we are open to new ideas; in letting go of our cleverness, we purchase bewilderment; finally in letting go of Ego, we walk in Spirit…

Brother Sun and Sister Moon

The struggle continues between Brother Sun and Sister Moon, and I am witness to the struggle of Ego and Spirit.


The sun and moon are apart of the great blue ocean and the Ego and Spirit are apart of the tainted seas.


It is not whether the Ego or the Spirit wins, but instead how they work harmoniously together.  We are lost without the moonlit skies and likewise we are lost without the Sun.


I cannot shun the Ego, as it is apart of whom I am.  Instead I can embrace the Ego, just as I embrace the spirit that burns within me.  I will embrace both the Ego as equal to the spirit, but I will be mindful to the choices made by the two.


Just as the Sun and Moon work as one to light the way, the Ego and Spirit do the same.  The Sun and Moon work together as one to fill the Heaven above and the Ego and Spirit work as one to fill the Heaven on Earth.


The Sun and Moon are all-encompassing, but yet they are separate.  Likewise, the Ego and Spirit are all-encompassing, but yet they are separate.

I cannot deny one or the other, for both has its purpose.  I cannot deny one or the other, for both lights the way.


I thank you Brother Sun and Sister Moon for showing me the way, but more importantly I thank you Brother Ego and Sister Spirit.